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Installation and Configuration


The following steps are required to install and configure the Aria for Salesforce app:

Note:  Implementation of this tag is optional since Salesforce is PCI compliant.  Use this JavaScript tag if you support a custom functionality for credit card payments outside of the Salesforce connector.  

Note: If you are using a beta version of Aria for Salesforce, you must uninstall it before installing a new beta or a production version.


Include the plans that you want to display in Salesforce in a promotional plan set in Aria6. Associate the promotional plan set with a promotion code. During the Salesforce configuration process, you will specify the promotion code that should be used to retrieve plans for display in Salesforce. The master plans associated with the promotion code, along with the corresponding supplemental plans, will be displayed in Salesforce.

Today, if currency management is enabled on an Aria for Salesforce organization, it does not effect our application installation. If ACM (Advanced Currency Management) is also enabled, then the ACM has to be disabled before installing the application, and then enabled again.

Note: If you want all of your plans to be displayed in Salesforce, you must use AdminTools to include all of your plans in a promotional plan set. You can then associate the promotional plan set with a promotion code.    


All Salesforce feature and product editions have limits that restrict the number of applications, objects, and tabs that can be used. Some of the resources that are used by the Aria for Salesforce app that may influence the limits in the target Salesforce instance are categorized below as Standard Object Usage limits and System Usage limits.

Standard Object Usage

System Usage







Custom Fields




Custom Tabs


Custom Relationship Fields




Custom Objects


Active Lookup Filters




Custom Settings


Active Validation Rules




--------- -----
Prior to installing the application, you should be aware of the resources used by the application to check the target Salesforce instance's current usage and usage limits for these resources to determine if the target usage balance count is sufficient enough for a successful application installation. If you are installing the application, and the usage count in the target instance exceeds the maximum permissible limit, Salesforce may not allow the application to be installed. Please refer to the usage count chart above to reference Salesforce resources used by the application.

Supported Browsers

Salesforce’s supported browsers are:

  • Windows Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8, and 9
  • Mozilla Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer 6
  • Apple Safari version 5.1.x

Aria Profiles

There are two Aria profiles available within the Aria for Salesforce app. During the installation process, you must associate each of your Salesforce profiles with your chosen Aria profile.

  • Aria Standard User
    This profile has access to features such as the following: view, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, contracts, documents, opportunities, and quotes.
  • Aria Admin User
    This profile has access to features such as the following: view, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, contracts, documents, opportunities, quotes, account plans, account rate tiers, Aria API configuration, Aria supplemental field mappings, client plan relationships, services, and rate schedules.


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