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Capabilities within Salesforce

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The Aria for Salesforce app provides the following capabilities within Salesforce:

  • Complete on-demand synchronization of your Aria product catalog with Salesforce.

Note: Only the Aria plans associated with your specified promotion code are synchronized with Salesforce. The promotion code is specified in your Salesforce configuration.

  • Use the Salesforce Quotes, Opportunities, or Accounts module to:
    • Assign or change a master plan within a customer’s account.
    • Add, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel supplemental plans within a customer’s account.
    • Add custom rates for an account plan.
  • Map Aria supplemental fields to account fields in Salesforce.

Note: When you update an account field in Salesforce that is mapped to an Aria supplemental field, the changes will be automatically reflected in Aria. When updated, the following fields on the account will also be automatically reflected in Aria: Aria Account Contact, Aria Billing Contact, Aria Client Account ID, Aria Notify Method, Aria Pay Method, Aria Responsibility Level, Aria Status, Aria Test Account, or Parent ID.

  • View Aria-specific transaction information for an account via a button in the Salesforce account record.  
  • Access Aria account information via a link in the Salesforce account record.  
  • Create different versions of a quote, email a quote, and synchronize a quote to an opportunity.
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