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Aria Workflow

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Aria Workflow helps automate business processes without the need for coding. Using design tools, users can build rules, forms, reports, pages, and workflows, which can run in response to an event on the Aria platform.

The Workflow Designer tool contains a component toolbox that offers hundreds of pre-built components, including components for integrating with Aria APIs. Components are added to the workspace using the drag-and-drop method, and are connected in order of execution to build a "flow." A flow is a series of connected steps that perform specific functions. Steps are coordinated in a flow to form a set of processing instructions. A flow's capabilities include the following:

  • Assign and coordinate tasks between users
  • Display user forms
  • Send emails
  • Integrate with web services
  • Transform data
  • Send text messages
  • Connect to databases
  • Call the Aria API

An example of a flow created using the Workflow Designer tool is shown below.


Refer to the Learn Aria Workflow site for comprehensive information on Aria Workflow topics such as getting started, portal setup, workflow design, and administrative capabilities.

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