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Returns a list of credit transactions that have been applied against a particular charge transaction for a specified account.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
required-icon.png client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
required-icon.png auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
required-icon.png acct_no long 22 Aria-assigned account identifier. This value is unique across all Aria-managed accounts.
required-icon.png src_transaction_id long 22 Either the Aria transaction ID or the Aria invoice number for the invoice
  alt_caller_id string 30 Person or process that submitted the API call. This can be someone's user ID, or the name of an application.
  optional_transaction_qualifiers array   Array of additional values you can associate with this API call.
  brd_arrow.gif qualifier_name string 100 Name of the field you want to associate with this API call.
  brd_arrow.gif qualifier_value string 100 Corresponding value of the field you want to associate with this API call.

Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error.
error_msg string Description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
invoice_payments hash Array of invoice payments returned upon succesful completion of the API call.
brd_arrow.gif transaction_id long The unique identifier for a given transaction
brd_arrow.gif transaction_type long Aria-assigned identifier for this type of transaction 

Allowable values for transaction_type

Values Description
1 Invoice
-1 Voided Invoice
2 check
-2 Voided Check
3 Electronic Payment
-3 Voided Electronic Payment
4 Balance Transfer To Account
-4 Voided Balance Transfer To Account
5 Balance Transfer From Account
-5 Voided Balance Transfer From Account
6 Write Off
-6 Voided Write Off
7 (Deprecated) Out-of-band Electronic Credit
-7 (Deprecated) Voided Out-of-band Electronic Credit
8 Refund Request
-8 Voided Refund Request
9 Balance Forward
-9 Voided Balance Forward
10 Cash Credit
-10 Voided Cash Credit
11 Credit From Overpayment
-11 Voided Credit From Overpayment
12 Electronic Refund Disbursement
-12 Voided Electronic Refund Disbursement
13 Check Refund Disbursementt
-13 Voided Check Refund Disbursement
14 External charge
-14 Voided External Charge
15 Dunning Charge
-15 Voided Dunning Charge
16 reinstated Charge transaction
-16 voided reinstated Charge transaction
17 reinstated Payment transaction
-17 voided reinstated payment transaction
18 Negative Balance Forward
-18 Voided Negative Balance Forward
19 3rd party payment
-19 voided 3rd party payment
20 3rd party payment refund
-20 voided 3rd party payment refund
21 Invoice charge line item
-21 Voided Invoice charge line item
22 Invoice credit line item
-22 Voided Invoice credit line item
24 Credit memo line
-24 Voided credit memo line
brd_arrow.gif description string Text description of the transaction
brd_arrow.gif amount double Total monetary value of this transaction
brd_arrow.gif applied_amount double For transaction types that decrease an accounts balance (e.g. Payments) the amount of this transaction applied to date to charge transactions on the account.
brd_arrow.gif currency_code string The 3-character ISO-compliant currency code in lowercase for monetary values used in the context of this API method.
brd_arrow.gif transaction_date string Date the transaction was executed.
brd_arrow.gif is_voided string A return value of "true" here indicates the transaction has been voided. 

Allowable values for is_voided

Values Description
true true
false false
brd_arrow.gif statement_no long If the given transaction has been included within a statement (an Aria-generated internal grouping of all financial transactions on this account within a given period), the Aria-assigned identifier of that statement.
brd_arrow.gif payment_type string For payment transactions only, the type of payment (e.g. Credit Card). 

Allowable values for payment_type

Values Description
-1 External Payment
0 Other
1 Credit card
2 Electronic Check (ACH)
3 Pre-paid
4 Net terms 30
5 Net terms 10
6 Net terms 15
7 Net terms 60
8 Click&Buy
9 Net Terms 0
10 PayByCash
11 PayPal Express Checkout
12 Net Terms 45
13 Tokenized Credit Card
14 Purchase Power
15 Net Terms 35
16 Net Terms 75
17 Net Terms 90
18 Net Terms 120
19 Net Terms 25
26 Direct Debit
brd_arrow.gif payment_src_description string For electronic payment transactions only, the granular type of the source of the payment (e.g. American Express)
brd_arrow.gif payment_src_suffix string For electronic payment transactions only, the last 4 digits of the account (e.g. the last 4 digits if the credit card used).
brd_arrow.gif client_receipt_id string Client-defined unique identifier used to track related system actions
brd_arrow.gif seq_statement_id string The unique sequential statement number.
brd_arrow.gif bill_email string Email of the billing contact.
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