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Assigns one supplemental plan to a specified account. To assign multiple supplemental plans to an account, use the assign_supp_plan_multi method.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
required-icon.png client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
required-icon.png auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
required-icon.png acct_no long 22 Aria-assigned account identifier. This value is unique across all Aria-managed accounts.
required-icon.png supp_plan_no long 22 The Aria-assigned identifier for a supplemental service plan. Allowable values are limited to valid custom plan numbers for client.
  client_supp_plan_id string 100 Client-defined unique plan identifier to refer the specified plan number.
  assignment_directive long 8 Rule to apply to this assignment/de-assignment request, specifying: the date the assignment takes place (immediately or on the account's anniversary date), and the proration rule to apply (per client's default rules for proration, that is, prorate on plan assignment or force proration on or off for each request).    

Allowable values for assignment_directive:

  alt_rate_schedule_no long 22 Alternative Rate Schedule Number. Unique identifier for an alternative rate schedule that can be assigned to the account in place of the default rate schedule. Used by CSRs to provide special compensation or discounts as incentives to account holders.
  client_alt_rate_schedule_id string 100 Client-defined alternate rate schedule identifier to assign (if any). If none is specified, the default rate schedule number is used.
  num_plan_units long 12 Factor by which recurring fees for this plan will be multiplied on all future invoices. For example, a supplemental plan called "Seats of XYZ Application" has a monthly flat cost of $10.00 per seat. To assign 5 seats, resulting in a monthly charge of $50.00 to the account, enter a value of 5 in this field.
  coupon_code string 30 Code of the coupon to which to apply the discount. If code is not valid, an error code is returned and the entire transaction (including the supp plan assignment and any possible invoice creation) is rolled back.
  comments string 300 Additional explanatory text relating to this API call.
  do_write string 5 Indicates whether to perform the requested plan assignment/de-assignment. If 'false' Aria calculates any proration and returns that value in the field 'proration_result_amount' without performing the requested operation or charging/crediting the account. Used for interfaces that return a 'confirmation page' detailing the effects of the requested operation before actually performing it.  

Allowable values for do_write:

  client_receipt_id string 50 Client-defined unique identifier used to track related system actions
  contract_type_no long 22 Aria-assigned Contract Type number.
  contract_alt_recur_fee double 12 This amount will be billed each month instead of the current recurring service rate. If there are multiple recurring services related to this plan, the rate associated with the current recurring service that has the lowest service_no will be replaced. This alternate recurring fee will go into effect starting on the new contract's effective date.
  contract_length_months long 8 Number of months the contract is to be in effect.
  contract_cancel_fee double 12 Fee to be charged if the contract is cancelled by the account holder.
  contract_comments string 300 Text comments regarding this contract.
  contract_start_date string 14 Date the contract goes into effect in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  offset_months long 8 For plan recurring intervals of longer than one month, the number of months to offset proration and first bill date
  auto_offset_months_option long 1 Automatically set the offset for the billing anniversary month.  

Allowable values for auto_offset_months_option:

  alt_proration_start_date string 14 The date, in yyyy-mm-dd format, from which the proration calculations begin. If this field is NULL, then the proration calculations begin from the current date. This date cannot be before the beginning of the current billing period.
  alt_client_acct_group_id string 100 One-time collections account group to use for this specific call. Default collections group on the account is not changed.
  new_acct_custom_rates array    
  brd_arrow.gifcustom_rate_plan_no long   Plan number for the new custom rate
  brd_arrow.gifclient_custom_rate_plan_id string 100 Unique client-defined identifier for the custom rate plan number.
  brd_arrow.gifcustom_rate_service_no long   Service number for the new custom rate
  brd_arrow.gifclient_custom_rate_service_id string 100 Unique client-defined identifier for the custom rate service number.
  brd_arrow.gifcustom_rate_seq_no long   Sequence number for this line of the rate schedule
  brd_arrow.gifcustom_rate_from_unit long 38 Tiered pricing, "FROM" unit
  brd_arrow.gifcustom_rate_to_unit long 38 Tiered pricing, "TO" unit
  brd_arrow.gifcustom_rate_per_unit double 38 Rate to charge per unit on this tier
  effective_date string   If the assignment directive is for a future date assignment, this is the date, in yyyy-mm-dd format, on which the plan change will be executed. If this field is NULL, then the plan change will not happen until it is manually executed or until the effective_date is updated.
  offset_interval long 1000 If assigning a change on an anniversary day, the number of billing periods by which to delay that change
  contract_end_date string   End date of the date range covered by this line item, in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  sync_mstr_bill_dates_override long 1000 Overrides the client-level setting that determines whether master plan billing dates are reset when assigning a new supplemental plan. If this value is left empty, the client-level setting takes effect.  

Allowable values for sync_mstr_bill_dates_override:

  surcharge_no array    
  brd_arrow.gifsurcharge_no long   Surcharge number to attach to the plan
  brd_arrow.gifrate_schedule_no long   Schedule number for this surcharge
  alt_caller_id string 30 Person or process that submitted the API call. This can be someone's user ID, or the name of an application.
  optional_transaction_qualifiers array   Array of additional values you can associate with this API call.
  brd_arrow.gif qualifier_name string 100 Name of the field you want to associate with this API call.
  brd_arrow.gif qualifier_value string 100 Corresponding value of the field you want to associate with this API call.
  application_id string 300 The application identifier in which the API is being used in. (Example: “Sales Force”)
  application_date string 300 The application date/timestamp, ie. 01/01/2014 10:00:00 to track when the application called the API.
  recurring_processing_model_ind long 1 Defines a recurring payment type for Credit Card and Tokenized Credit Cards. 

Allowable values for recurring_processing_model_ind:

Start of proc_field_override array
  brd_arrow.gif proc_field_override array  

Your chosen data to send to your payment gateway passed as an array of proc_field_name/proc_field_value key-value pairs.

The allowable field(s) and values for the key-value pairs are listed below.

  Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
    brd_arrow.gifbrd_arrow.gif transaction_type string 2

If you use Chase Paymentech or Vantiv, this field allows you to tell that payment gateway which transaction type is involved (examples: single or recurring transaction) when you process a customer's  payment information.

This field applies to credit cards and tokenized credit cards. If you don't pass a value into this field, it will default to -1 (use client configuration settings).



  • The value that you pass into this field will override the Recurring Options that you set in the Aria application under:
    • Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateways > Chase Paymentech > Gateway Options; and
    • Configuration > Payments > Collection Groups > Chase Paymentech > Collection Group Options.
  • Currently, only Chase Paymentech supports this field. Other payment gateways might not honor all of the allowable values for this field. You will need to check your payment gateway documentation for confirmation.

Aria will use this order of precedence to determine the transaction type:

  1. value passed into this field
  2. collection group configuration
  3. payment gateway configuration
  4. transaction type that you specified in the <recurring_processing_model_ind> field

Allowable values for transaction_type:


Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error.
error_msg string Description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
proration_result_amount double Currency amount of any proration action resulting from the requested plan change. For plan assignments with an assignment directive of '1' (perform on anniversary date), or '2' (honor client default proration action) when the default is no proration, or '3' (force no proration), this field is always returns '0'. If proration is performed, the value returned is either a positive currency value (for a charge) or a negative currency value (for a credit). If do_write is false, then any positive or negative value returned in this field is notational only, showing the proration effect if the requested plan assignment/de-assignment was actually performed. 

Allowable values for proration_result_amount:

invoice_no long The unique identifier of a given invoice.
supp_plan_line_items hash  
brd_arrow.gif line_no long Specifies the sequential line number of this line item. Initial record value is always 1.
brd_arrow.gif line_type long

Specifies the type of charge or credit associated with this line item.

Allowable values for line_type:

Values Description
1 Recurring Charge
2 Tax Charge
3 Service Credit
4 Coupon Credit
5 Activation Charge
6 Usage Charge
7 Recurring Arrears
8 Order Charge
9 Surcharge
brd_arrow.gif service_no long Specifies the Aria-assigned unique service identifier.
brd_arrow.gif service_name string Specifies the name corresponding to this line item's service code.
brd_arrow.gif line_units double Specifies the number of units of this service code billed on this line item. On a prorated invoice, line_units = line_base_units X proration_factor.
brd_arrow.gif rate_per_unit double Specifies the rate per unit billed.
brd_arrow.gif line_amount double Specifies the total charge associated with this line item.
brd_arrow.gif line_base_units double Specifies the full, non-prorated number of units of the service code.
brd_arrow.gif proration_factor double Specifies the percentage of the line_base_units billed.
brd_arrow.gif description string Specifies the description of this line item.
brd_arrow.gif date_range_start string Specifies the start date of the date range covered by this line item in yyyy-mm-dd format.
brd_arrow.gif date_range_end string Specifies the end date of the date range covered by this line item in yyyy-mm-dd format.
brd_arrow.gif credit_coupon_code string Specifies the coupon code applied to the invoice.
brd_arrow.gif plan_no long Specifies the Aria-assigned service plan number under which this line item was billed.
brd_arrow.gif plan_name string Specifies the name of the service plan associated with the plan_no.
brd_arrow.gif client_service_id string A multidimensional array of client defiend Service id for this plan.
brd_arrow.gif client_plan_id string Client defined Plan ID for which to query available child plans
total_charges_before_tax double Total amount to be charged to the account before taxes are calculated.
total_tax_charges double Total taxes as calculated for the transaction.
total_charges_after_tax double Total amount to be charged to the account after taxes are calculated.
total_credit double Total amount of the credit to be applied to the account
total_tax_credit double Tax amount of the credit to be applied to the account.
total_credit_before_tax double Credit to be applied before tax is taken into account
total double Grand total of this invoice
expectd_activation_fee double Predicted activation fee based on activation fee charges on supplemental plans on this invoice
expectd_mthly_recurring_cost double Predicted monthly recurring cost of the items and plans on this invoice.
expectd_annu_recurring_cost double Predicted annual recurring cost of the items and plans on this invoice.
third_party_errors hash Errors from third-party systems like taxation engines are returned here. Aria-generated error codes are returned in the error_code and error_msg fields at the root level of the API return.
brd_arrow.gif error_class string Type of error code, such as taxation.
brd_arrow.gif error_code string Error code returned by the third-party system.
brd_arrow.gif error_msg string Error message returned by the third party system.
proc_initial_auth_txn_id string Transaction ID from payment processor.  If received as part of an auth request, it must be retained for future settlement and match the value from the auth response. It should also be used for future recurring transaction auths/settlement.
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