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Aria6 Release 43


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

Please Note: The Aria Platform will no longer be supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 after Aria Core Release 43. Per Microsoft: The Internet Explorer 11 browser will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022. Please plan appropriately to accommodate this forthcoming update to our list of supported Web browsers.

Aria supports the latest stable versions of the following Web browsers:

  • Chrome 63
  • Firefox 52
  • IE11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 11 on MacOS 

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features 

Apple Pay Payment Method Now Included In Chase Paymentech Integration (DEV-10093)

Aria is excited to introduce Apple Pay as a digital payment method to our Chase Paymentech integration. Tokenized payments are supported for the Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover® card types.

To configure Apple Pay for Chase Paymentech, navigate to the Apple Pay tab (Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateways/Collection Groups [Chase Paymentech]). Download the Certificate Signing Request (.csr) file (Step 1). After downloading the .csr file, perform the following (Step 2):

  • Visit the Apple Pay portal.
  • Log into your merchant account.
  • Attach the CSR file.
  • Get the .cer format file.

After obtaining the .cer file, upload the file from the Apple Pay tab (Step 3) to complete the pre-requisite steps for making Apple Pay payments.

You can now contact Aria with your Apple Pay payload using existing Aria APIs. More information is provided in DEV-10605, which is also included on this page.

Romanian New Leu Currency Code Update (DEV-10632)

To comply with currency redenomination requirements, Aria has renamed the existing RON currency code from New Romanian Leu to Romanian New Leu (Configuration > Billing > Currencies).

Application Fixes 

  • Oauth 2.0 for event notifications now correctly refreshes the token automatically when the token expires. Aria provisioning daemon will refresh the token and upon successful payload submission with the new token, it will refresh the right status code and track the status as success and maintain the appropriate status code for further payload submissions (TICKET-18769) 

API Features 

Selected Aria APIs Updated with <client_sku> Input/Output Field (DEV-10555)

Aria now provides for more efficient billing of non-subscription offerings (inventory items) by standardizing the use of the input/output field designating the inventory item. With this feature, the <client_sku> field will now be included in the Aria APIs noted below and the existing <client_item_id> input/output field will be deprecated.

This applies for the following categories:

Category 1

The following APIs have been enhanced to accept <client_sku> as an alternate input parameter:

Core APIs

API Added Parameter Name Deprecated Parameter Name
get_client_item_classes <filter_client_sku> <filter_client_item_id>
get_client_item_images <client_sku> <client_item_id>
get_client_item_supp_fields <filter_client_sku> <filter_client_item_id>
get_client_items_basic <filter_client_sku> <filter_client_item_id>
get_client_items_all <filter_client_sku> <filter_client_item_id>
get_client_item_prices <filter_client_sku> <filter_client_item_id>

Admintools APIs

API Added Parameter Name Deprecated Parameter Name
get_inventory_item_details <client_sku> <client_item_id>
update_inventory_item <existing_client_sku> <client_item_id>
create_discount_rule <client_sku[]> <client_item_id[]>
create_coupon <discount_rule[]> <client_sku> <discount_rule[]> <client_item_id>
update_coupon <discount_rule[]> <client_sku> <discount_rule[]> <client_item_id>
create_surcharge <client_sku[]> <client_item_id[]>
edit_surcharge <client_sku[]> <client_item_id[]>

Category 2

The following APIs have been enhanced to return <client_sku> as an alternate output parameter:

Admintools APIs

API Added Parameter Name Deprecated Parameter Name
get_discount_rule_details <client_sku[]> <client_item_id[]>
get_coupon_details <discount_rule[]> <rule_application> <client_sku> <discount_rule[]> <rule_application> <client_item_id[]>
get_surcharge_details <client_sku[]> <client_item_id[]>

Category 3

The <client_item_id> input parameter has been deprecated for the following API:

Admintools API

API Deprecated Parameter Name
create_inventory_item <client_item_id>

Category 4

The <client_item_id> output parameter has been deprecated for the following APIs:

Core APIs

API Deprecated Parameter Name
get_client_items_all <all_client_items> <client_item_id>
get_client_items_basic <items_basic> <client_item_id>
get_items_by_class <class_items> <client_item_id>
get_items_by_supp_field <items_by_supp_field> <client_item_id>
get_invoice_details <invoice_line_items> <client_item_id>
update_acct_plan_unit_instance <invoice_line_items> <client_item_id>

Admintools APIs

API Deprecated Parameter Name
get_inventory_items <inventory_items> <client_item_id>
get_inventory_item_details <client_item_id>

The following error code has also been added for these APIs:

Error Code Description
3109 Invalid Client SKU

Aria APIs Enhanced for Chase Paymentech/Apple Pay Payments (DEV-10605)

After generating and uploading the .cer format file to enable Apple Pay payments through Chase Paymentech (described in DEV-10093), you can contact Aria with the Apple Pay payload generated outside of Aria. To accomplish this, an input field has been added to the existing record_alternative_payment API.

Input Field Name Description
<external_payment_payload> This accepts the Apple Pay encrypted payment payload. Using your payment processing certificate, Aria will decrypt the payload and store the token for future payments.

While executing the record_alternative_payment API (with as 47 for Tokenized Apple Pay), Aria will decrypt the payload and the decrypted values will be used for completing the initial payment to Chase. This API sends the payment to Chase Paymentech; then, Chase will post the payment the next day to complete the Apple Pay payment.

After the token is created, Aria will use the token for supporting the recurring Apple Pay payment as part of your Chase Paymentech integration. Electronic refunds are supported for both the initial and recurring Apple Pay transactions.

In addition to the newly added field above, Aria has also introduced the following input field to the record_alternative_payment API:

Input Field Name Description
<primary_payment_method_ind> Indicates the Apple Pay billing record to be created as primary payment method for the billing group mapped in the passed statement number. The default is 0. If we pass as '1', then the billing record will be created as primary pay method for the billing group associated with the statement number.

As a reminder, Apple Pay tokenized payments are supported for the Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover® card types.

Learn more about Aria’s Chase Paymentech integration from here.

API Fixes


WSDL File Locations

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None
AUS https://secure.current.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.future.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.prod.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/43/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Object Query WSDL Files

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None
AUS https://secure.current.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.future.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.prod.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/43/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
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