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Aria6 Release 34


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 63
  • Firefox 52
  • IE11
  • Safari 11 on MacOS 

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features 

Support for Ingenico Account Updater (DEV-10008)

The Aria Ingenico integration is now enhanced by the addition of the Account Updater, which automatically updates your account holders’ card information (Tokenized cards only). This feature supports Visa® and Mastercard® card types issued in the U.S. and Canada.

When an account holder's card information is updated (associated with the particular token), Ingenico provides the "push" notification via the Webhooks tool, which sends real-time data from one application to another based on system events as part of a larger integration. You must configure an endpoint that will act as a "listener" to receive these notifications. Please refer to the Ingenico payment gateway page linked below for more information.

Aria now supports the Webhook Key and Webhook Secret configuration fields from Ingenico that are used to validate the incoming Webhooks notifications. These fields accept alphanumerics and special characters. Set these two field values on the Ingenico configuration center for your merchant account. After doing so, configure those values in your Ingenico payment gateway configuration. Once Webhooks is enabled, you can subscribe to the token.updated and token.deleted events supported by the Account Updater.


  • The Webhook Key and Webhook Secret values are honored in the Ingenico Payment Gateway configuration only and not the Collection Group configuration at this time.
  • The values for the existing Secret API Key field and the new Webhook Secret field are hashed for security reasons in accordance with DEV-10155, also included on this page.

Learn more about the Ingenico payment gateway from here.

Apple Pay Method Supported by Adyen (DEV-10086)

Adyen now supports Apple payment methods for recurring payments, including the ApplePay payment method (38) and the new Tokenized ApplePay payment method (47). When an ApplePay indirect payment takes place outside of Aria, the payment is recorded using the record_alternative_payment API. Once the external payment is recorded, Aria performs a capture request and receives the respective notification.

More information on the Adyen payment gateway can be accessed from here.

Copy Config: Display Conflict Object Values On Import Configuration Data Screen (DEV-10092)

This feature enhances the Import Configuration Data conflict screen so when a conflict between the source and destination exists, the UI will display the field name and its value in the corresponding columns as a two-line format. Additional data gives more context and meaning to the conflict summary.

Merchant Account ID for Multiple Currency Support Added for Braintree (DEV-10147)

The Merchant Account ID field has been added as part of the Braintree integration for Payment Gateways and Collection Groups within Aria. This allows Braintree clients with international accounts and multiple currencies to be billed using FreshBooks® accounting software. This also allows Braintree to transfer tokens associated with the Merchant ID field.

The Merchant Account ID field is used to identify the currency type of the merchant as part of the Payment Gateway/Collection Group. If no Merchant Account ID is entered, the transaction will process with the default currency configured for the merchant (existing Braintree integration behavior). For example, if USD is the default currency configured for the merchant but GBP is configured at the Merchant Account ID field, Braintree will process the payment with the GBP currency.

More information about Aria's Braintree payment integration is here.

Masking Webhook Secret and Secret API Key fields for Ingenico (DEV-10155)

The Webhook Secret field has been added as part of the Ingenico Account Updater enhancement for Payment Gateways and Collection Groups within Aria. This field along with the existing Secret API Key field will be masked to enhance data security.

These fields appear in the description for DEV-10008 appearing on this page.

More information about the Ingenico payment gateway can be accessed from here.

Application Fixes 

  • The Aria invoicer batch job now completes successfully for an account when usage service charges exist related to a plan instance from which that usage service was removed in the middle of a billing period. Previously, the invoicer would fail with a "Could not create invoice due to a processing error" message. (TICKET-18285) 
  • When you a) change or add an account owner contact or a billing contact address for a customer and b) you change the Country from United States to Canada or vice versa, now the corresponding states or provinces are displayed correctly in the State/Province field. (TICKET-18317) 
  • The pending invoices discard message has been updated to avoid confusion when you discard pending invoices with usage. The new message will list the number of pending invoices being discarded, and discarded usage records are excluded from invoicing and usage reports. (TICKET-18348)

API Features

Ingenico 3DS Support for American Express Card Type (DEV-9835)

The Ingenico 3D Secure integration now supports transactions using the American Express® (Amex) card in addition to the Visa® and Mastercard® card types.

The existing Amex credit card type is now supported in Ingenico's 3DS configuration for the following APIs:

Enter the following inputs to enable this feature:


Input Description
<cc_prefix> First six digits of Amex card (starting with 3)


Input Description
<cc_number> Amex card number (starting with 3 - 15-character numeric value)
<attempt_3d_secure> True

To learn more about the Ingenico payment gateway, click here.

API Fixes 

  • The new <force_new_payment_method> field has been added as an input to the update_payment_method API. This new input allows you to add a new payment method for a customer if the suffix (last 4 digits of the credit card or bank account number) of the new payment method is the same as the payment method. (TICKET-18144)
  • Aria has improved the result of the API call adjust_billing_dates to ensure all relevant dates (terminate and provisioning dates for Supplemental Plans, or queued change dates for Master Plans) sync with the specified plan. (TICKET-18288)
  • For create_advanced_service_credit, the <frequency_interval_months> denoting the number of months between application of a service credit to the account is now applied correctly. (TICKET-18311)

WSDL File Locations

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None
AUS https://secure.current.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.future.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.prod.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/34/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Object Query WSDL Files

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None
AUS https://secure.current.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.future.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.prod.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/34/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
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