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Aria6 Release 17


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 63
  • Firefox 52
  • IE11
  • Safari 11 on MacOS 

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features

Tooltips Available when Setting up a Collection Group or Payment Gateway (DEV-8729)

All currently-available tooltips are now displayed for fields to be filled in when you add or edit a collection group or payment gateway.​

Usage Accumulation Reset Months Renewal Option (DEV-8730)

This enhancement introduces functionality that enables an option to automatically reset the Alternate Usage Reset Months for an account's new or existing Master Plan or Supplemental Plan(s) after the current period has expired. This feature is supported via the Aria UI and API.

An account's Master Plan or Supplemental Plan(s), that contain a usage-based service, can be configured to accumulate usage over an extended period of months (Alternate Usage Reset Months) for subsequent rating and invoicing purposes. 

Enabling a Plan's Alternate Usage Reset Months for Usage Accumulation, AND Configuring for Auto Renewal Or One-Time Only 

Getting Here: Accounts > Search  > Account Overview > Plans & Services > Master Service Plan or Supplemental Plans

A6 - Plans_Services Scree - Click on Usage Accum Reset Value.jpg

  1. Click on an account Plan's Usage Accumulation Reset Value menu tab.

A6 - Set Renewal Option_Months.jpg

  1. Click on the Alternate Usage Reset Options field's drop-down arrow and select your renewal option for this Plan's Alternate Usage Reset Months.
  • One-Time Only - The accumulation of usage will expire at the end of the Alternate Usage Reset Month's value upon completion of it's usage accumulation period.
  • Auto-Renew - usage accumulation for this Plan's usage-based service will automatically reset to the same Alternate Usage Reset Month's value upon completion of it's usage accumulation period.

Note: One-Time Only is the default Alternate Usage Reset Month's renewal option. 

  1. Type in the number of Alternate Usage Reset Months that you want to accumulate usage for rating and invoicing purposes.

Note: The maximum allowed Alternate Usage Reset Months is 99.

  1. Click on the Save button to save your changes.

A6 - Usage Accumulation Account Comment.jpg

A comment is added to the account detailing the Usage Accumulation settings for the specific Plan including the Reset Months, and the Reset Renewal Option.  

Adyen Level 2 and 3 Data Enhancements (DEV-8749)

When applicable, Aria will send Level 2 and 3 data to Adyen, resulting in savings on transaction fees. "Level 2" data refers to customer-specific affluence indicators, and "Level 3" data is specific to invoice line items.

More information about Adyen Adyen.

Support for Adyen Account Updater (DEV-8948)

Aria has certified its support for the Adyen Account Updater. The Adyen Account Updater sends notifications to customers whose cards have approaching expiration dates, allowing the opportunity for customers to update card information and decrease the possibility of card declines.

More information about Adyen Adyen.

Application Fixes 

  • Batch jobs scheduled to run between 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM, during Daylight Savings Time, now run properly and do not generate a database error. (TICKET-3244)
  • The replacement string "insertPaymentAmount," intended in Dunning email templates to display an amount due, now shows a consistent and accurate amount for each step of a Dunning process. (TICKET-16336)
  • A new generic "Non-Electronic Payment" global email template has been introduced that resolves various issues with formatting and replacement strings. (TICKET-16373)
  • Order invoices generated from UI not displaying line items in View/Print screen    (TICKET-16535)

API Features 

Usage Accumulation Reset Months Renewal Option (DEV-8730)

Several APIs were updated to support the Usage Accumulation Reset Months Renewal Option functionality, per the below table:

API Updates





Added new input field, <usage_accumulation_reset_months_renewal_option>.

This field determines whether the <usage_accumulation_reset_months> field value will automatically reset to the same value at the end of the current usage accumulation period or will expire at the end of the current usage accumulation period.



Added three new output fields,<usage_accumulation_reset_months>, <usage_accumulation_reset_months_renewal_option>, and <usage_accumulation_reset_counter>.

The <usage_accumulation_reset_months> field value indicates the number of usage accumulation reset months for each plan.

The <usage_accumulation_reset_months_renewal _option> field value denotes whether the <usage_accumulation_reset_months> field value will automatically reset to the same value at the end of the current usage accumulation period or will expire at the end of the current usage accumulation period.

The <usage_accumulation_reset_counter> field value denotes the number of months since last reset. Once this value reaches the usage_accumulation_reset_months value, it will reset to 0 (zero).

Visa CIT MIT Credential Framework (DEV-8833)

Several APIs were updated to support the Visa Cardholder-initiated Transaction (CIT) and Merchant-initiated Transaction (MIT) Credential Framework, with a new input and output field that specifies whether the cardholder or merchant initiates the transaction, and whether the card information is stored:

APIs Updates
  • New input field:
    <recurring_processing_model_ind>: Defines a recurring payment type for Credit Card and Tokenized Credit Cards.
    Allowable values:
    0: Cardholder-Initiated Transaction—Credentials on File: a credit card transaction initiated by the cardholder for a new order or a plan upgrade that uses a credit card that is currently stored in Aria. (Default)
    1: Cardholder-Initiated Transaction—a credit card transaction initiated by the cardholder for a new account or creating an order that uses an alternate credit card that is not currently stored in Aria.
    2: Merchant-Initiated Transaction—Standing Instruction – Recurring: a credit card transaction initiated by Aria’s clients for a recurring charge that uses a credit card that is currently stored in Aria.
    3: Merchant-Initiated Transaction—Unscheduled Credentials on File: a credit card transaction initiated by Aria’s clients for a non-recurring charge (one-time order or plan upgrade) that uses a credit card that is currently stored in Aria.
  • New output field:
    <proc_initial_auth_txn_id>: Transaction ID from payment processor. If received as part of an auth request, it must be retained for future settlement and match the value from the auth response. It should also be used for future recurring transaction auths/settlement.

API Fixes 

  • When updating plan instance fields using update_acct_plan_multi(_m) or create_acct_complete(_m), and the same value is passed for an existing field, Aria no longer duplicates that field name/value pair, and retains single instances of those fields and values as expected. (TICKET-15557)
  • You are no longer required to pass in an <assignment_directive> when you call the APIs listed below. You will not encounter an error when you leave the <assignment_directive> field blank, instead, the field will be set to the default value specified in the API documentation:
  • If you use Billsoft (or any other  tax engine), you no longer encounter an unexpected error when you use any of the APIs listed below to assign a plan and you entered invalid address information. Instead, the correct error message “25001 failed to calculate taxes” is returned by these APIs:
    • modify_acct_multiplan_contract
    • modify_acct_plan_contract
    • modify_acct_universal_contract


  • When you pass an <application_id> or <application_date> into APIs that take those inputs, the values in those fields are now displayed in the Recent Comments section under Accounts > Account Overview in the Aria application. (TICKET-16556)
  • The API calls get_reverse_authorization and reverse_auth_electronic_payment no longer return Error 26003 ("The API execution is not supported because your client parameter Account_EOM_Enabled is set to False."). (TICKET-16623)

WSDL File Locations

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None
AUS https://secure.current.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.future.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.prod.aus.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/17/complete-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Object Query WSDL Files

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None
AUS https://secure.current.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.future.stage.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
AUS https://secure.prod.aus.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/17/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
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