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Aria API Release 6.30

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria API Features  

Ability to Add Statement Email Recipients to Bcc or Cc List (DEV-4245)

This feature adds the input fields <stmnt_email_list_cc> and <stmnt_email_list_bcc> to the following APIs:

  • create_acct_complete  
  • update_acct_complete
  • create_acct_hierarchy

This provides the ability to define whether invoice recipients are added to the Cc or Bcc fields of a statement notification email. To access this functionality in the UI, navigate to Accounts > select an account > Account Overview > Notification Method

In addition, this feature adds the output fields <stmnt_email_list_cc> and <stmnt_email_list_bcc> to the following APIs:

  • get_acct_details_all
  • get_acct_hierarchy_details

Note: The UI portion of this change was implemented as part of the Aria6 6.28 release.

New Fields Added to get_all_invoice_information and get_invoice_information APIs (DEV-4229)

This improvement modifies the get_all_invoice_information and get_invoice_information APIs to display additional fields in the output. The new fields include:

  • <base_plan_units>
  • <proration_factor> 
  • <proration_text> 
  • <adv_billing_period_total_days> 
  • <proration_remaining_days> 
  • <proration_description> 

Aria API Fixes   

  • update_acct_complete API Failed to Reset the Account Billing Date as Expected (TICKET-5159)
  • get_usage_history API Failed to Successfully Return Responses (TICKET-5640)​


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