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Aria API Release 6.33

Release Date

Stage Future


Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38
  • Safari (Mac)

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

API Features

New Coupon Groups Module and Enhanced Discount Rule Module API Changes (DEV-4692)

Several API enhancements have been made to support the new coupon groups and discount rule functionality. Please refer to DEV-4692 in the Aria6 Release 6.33 for related UI changes.

New Coupon Group APIs

The below two Admintools APIs have been implemented to create new coupon groups, as well as update an existing coupon group:

  • create_coupon_group
  • update_coupon_group

Note: If the inputted precedence is already taken, then Aria automatically increases the precedence by “1” for all groups with equal or lower precedence levels.

Additionally, the below two Admintools APIs have been implemented to receive a listing of all coupon groups, as well as to receive the details of a specific coupon group:

  • get_coupon_groups
  • get_coupon_group_details

Enhanced get_coupon_details API

Both the get_coupon_details Core and Admintools APIs have been enhanced to return the following coupon group details:

  • Group number
  • Client group ID
  • Group name
  • Group description
  • Group precedence

Note: These values will only be returned if the coupon code is assigned to a coupon group.

New <discount_behavior_type_ind> Parameter

The following APIs have been enhanced to support a new, optional, <discount_behavior_type_ind> parameter.

  • create_coupon
  • update_coupon
  • create_discount_rule
  • get_discount_rule_details

Allowable values for this new parameter include the following:

  • G: Apply to gross amount of the charge
  • N: Apply to net amount after previously applied discounts

If this parameter is left blank, “G” will be inputted as the default value.

Note: The update_coupon API cannot update the <discount_behavior_type_ind> value of an existing discount rule.

New Invoice Reviewing and Posting Capabilities API Changes (DEV-4666)

The following API changes have been implemented to support the new invoice reviewing and posting capabilities, per DEV-4666 in Aria6 Release 6.33.

Enhanced Object Query APIs

The following output parameters have been added to the below Object Query APIs.

  • get_all_invoice_information
    • <posting_status>
    • <posting_date>
    • <posting_user>
  • get_invoice_information
    • <posting_status>
    • <posting_date>
    • <posting_user>
  • get_account_details
    • <invoice_posting_method>
  • get_account_details_all
    • <invoice_posting_method>

New <invoice_posting_method> Input Parameter

A new <invoice_posting_method> input parameter has been added to the create_acct_complete and update_acct_complete APIs. This <invoice_posting_method> parameter has the following values.

  • 0: indicates that the client configuration setting should be followed.
  • 1: indicates that all invoices should be automatically posted.
  • 2: indicates that all invoices should require manual posting.
  • 3: indicates that only invoices paid via non-electronic payment methods should require manual posting.
  • Null: indicates that invoice behavior should default to the client configuration setting for the create_acct_complete API and that the existing invoice posting method should not change for the update_acct_complete API.

New <posting_status> Input Parameter

An optional <posting_status> input parameter has been added to the update_acct_invoice API to set the posting status of an invoice. The <posting_status> input parameter has the following values.

  • 0: indicates that the invoice should be unposted.
  • 1: indicates that the invoice should be posted. The date, time, and user who posted the status displays.

Two new input parameters have also been added to the get_acct_invoice_history API to filter invoices of the account based on <posting_status> and <posting_user>.

New Output Parameters in get_acct_invoice_history and get_invoice_details APIs

The get_acct_invoice_history and get_invoice_details APIs have been additionally enhanced to include the following output parameters.

  • <posting_status>
  • <posting_date>
  • <posting_user>

Two New API URLs for 2-Way SSL Certificates (DEV-4795)

The Aria 6.31 Release introduced 2-way SSL certification, which provides:

  • The ability to manage third-party SSL certificates in Aria
  • The validation of SSL certificate(s) during connections from third-party applications

The Aria 6.32 API Release introduced a separate URL for APIs that are used by applications using 2-way SSL. This means that any applications using both 2-way SSL and Aria APIs will point to this new API URL.

In addition, the below two API URLs have been introduced to accept an SSL certificate for ARC/VIE (virtual inventory):

Aria API Fixes   

  • CVV Data from update_acct_complete API Call Initiated by Direct Post Was Being Recorded in <bill_agreement_id> Input Parameter (TICKET-6005)
  • Form of Payment Always Showed as Discover in UI No Matter Which Credit Card Value Was Passed in update_acct_complete API (TICKET-4304)
  • Could Update Payment Method as 13 Without Providing Agreement ID or Credit Card in create_acct_complete or update_acct_complete API (TICKET-6360)
  • create_order_with_plans API Was Not Following Statement Suppression Parameters (TICKET-5350)
  • Rate and Amount from Second Usage Record Was Applied to First Record in bulk_record_usage SOAP Call (TICKET-6182)
  • get_inventory_item_details A PI Provided Incorrect Price Values for Large Currency Values (TICKET-6489)
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