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Aria API Release 6.34

Release Date



Aria6 System RequirementsEdit section

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38
  • Safari (Mac)

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

API Features  Edit section

assign_supp_plan_multi API Enhanced to Accept Custom Rate Schedules (DEV-4728)

The assign_supp_plan_multi API has been enhanced to allow custom rates for multiple plans. To support this functionality, the following input fields have been added to the assign_supp_plan_multi API:

  • <new_acct_custom_rates>: Enter custom rates for the plan. This input is only required if custom rates are being assigned to the plan.
  • <custom_rate_plan_no>: Enter the plan number for the new custom rate.
  • <client_custom_rate_plan_id>: Enter the unique client defined identifier for the plan.

Note: Only <custom_rate_plan_no> or <client_custom_rate_plan_id> is required, however, <custom_rate_plan_no> takes precedence.

  • <custom_rate_service_no>: Enter the service number for the new custom rate.
  • <client_custom_rate_service_id>: Enter the unique client defined identifier for the service.

Note: Only <custom_rate_service_no> or <client_custom_rate_service_id> is required, however, <custom_rate_service_no> takes precedence.

  • <custom_rate_seq_no>: Enter a sequence number that identifies the tier by number for the tiered pricing (e.g. 1, 2, 3).
  • <custom_rate_from_unit>: Enter tiered pricing “From” value (e.g. 1, 6, 11).

Note: The first tier must start with one (1).

  • <custom_rate_to_unit>: Enter tiered pricing “To” value, if applicable (e.g. 5, 10).

Note: If the <custom_rate_to_unit> input is left blank (i.e. “”), it will be treated as “infinity”.

  • <custom_rate_per_unit>: Enter the rate per unit that will be charged in the current tier.

Pending Invoice Fields Now Editable Without Regenerating (DEV-4831)

The update_acct_invoice API has been enhanced to update the Custom Invoice Status and Notes field values for pending invoices. Previously, the only way to update these fields on a pending invoice was by approving or regenerating the pending invoice via the manage_pending_invoice API. Now, the update_acct_invoice API allows creating, editing, or deleting above mentioned invoice field values on a pending invoice, without requiring approval or full invoice regeneration.

The Pending Invoices screen has also been enhanced to support this new functionality. Refer to DEV-4831 in the Aria6 6.34 Release Notes for additional information on UI changes.

Additional Output Parameters Added to Invoice APIs (DEV-4949)

New <rate_schedule_no> and <rate_schedule_tier_no> output parameters have been added to the following APIs.

  • get_invoice_details
  • get_invoice_information
  • get_invoice_information
  • get_all_invoice_information

These new output parameters provide additional data to help understand the rate schedule and tier structure applicable to the rates on the invoice, without calling multiple APIs.

Additional Output Fields Added to get_acct_payment_history API (DEV-4730)

The following fields have been added to the get_acct_payment_history API:

  • <last_4>: returns the last four numbers of a credit card or electronic check (ACH).
  • <payment_method_type>: returns the type of payment method (e.g. Visa).
  • <payment_method>: returns the method of payment (e.g. credit card).
  • <payment_processor_result_code>: returns the response code from the payment processor.
  • <processor_payment_id>: returns the payment id of a processor.
  • <payment_processor_approval_code>: returns the authorized code of the payment if the payment is approved. Otherwise this parameter returns “Null.”
  • <payment_timestamp>: returns the date and time of the payment.

Aria API Fixes   

  • list_supp_obj_fields API Failed to Return Any Values (TICKET-6463)
  • Mandatory Fields Were Incorrect in edit_plan API Documentation (TICKET-6801)
  • Plan Number Was Being Returned as a Number Instead of a String in edit_plan API (TICKET-6891)
  • create_new_plan and edit_new_plan APIs Experienced Slow Performance (TICKET-7048)
  • create_acct_complete API Returned Error When a Polish Address Was Submitted to Vertex (TICKET-7138)
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