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Aria API Release 6.35

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38
  • Safari (Mac)

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

API Features  

get_client_payment_method API Enhancement (DEV-4979)

Aria implemented a new get_client_payment_method API to send scheduled payment reminder emails to the client’s customers. These emails (up to a maximum of three) are typically sent to any account which has a specific payment type and an outstanding balance on a bill which is more than X days old (where X is the Days Until Payment Reminder value in the account's payment method). The daily batches are modified to check for accounts to which the emails must be sent, create the appropriate templates, and send the emails.

get_account_details API Performance Enhancement (DEV-5037)

The Object Query API, get_account_details, has been modified to improve response time.

Account Start Date Added (DEV-4395)

An account start date has been added to Aria. This date initially defaults to the account's creation date, but is updatable.

The following APIs now have an input of <acct_start_date>:

  • create_acct_complete
  • update_acct_complete

The following APIs now have an output of <acct_start_date>:

  • get_acct_details_all
  • get_acct_details

Enhanced Audit Data from Third-Party Integration Activity (DEV-4916)

The following two fields have been added to several APIs. These fields are now available for audit logging.

  • <application_id> - The third-party application identifier that called the API. This is a free text field.
  • <application_date> - The application date/timestamp, ie.. 01/01/2014 10:00:00 to track when the application called the API.

The APIs below now have these fields as inputs, and also now include them in their output to the audit log as part of the account's comment history:

  • delete_acct_coupon
  • void_transaction
  • reinstate_transaction
  • transfer_account_balance
  • create_order
  • settle_account_balance
  • collect_from_account
  • record_external_payment
  • record_outgoing_payment
  • apply_service_credit
  • apply_cash_credit
  • record_standing_order
  • move_payment
  • manage_pending_invoice
  • cancel_order
  • update_acct_contact
  • update_acct_status
  • update_acct_supp_fields
  • update_acct_billing_contact
  • update_acct_notifiy_method
  • set_pay_method_bank_draft
  • set_pay_method_cc
  • set_pay_method_net_terms
  • set_payment_responsibility
  • set_service_plan_imediately
  • set_service_plan_number
  • activate_supp_plan
  • toggle_test_account
  • ban_acct
  • update_payment_method
  • authorize_electroinc_payment
  • cancel_queued_service_plan
  • create_order_with_plans
  • issue_refund_to_acct
  • update_refund_check_no
  • update_existing_billing_info
  • record_standing_usage
  • disable_standing_usage
  • disable_standing_usage_by_plan
  • disable_all_standing_usage
  • assigin_functional_acct_group
  • assign_collections_acct_group
  • remove_acct_from_group
  • apply_coupon_to_acct
  • set_acct_tax_exempt_status
  • remove_custom_acct_rates
  • cancel_unconsumed_credit
  • cancel_unapplied_svce_credits
  • set_acct_usg_mtd_threshold
  • set_acct_usg_ptd_threshold
  • reset_usg_mtd_bal
  • reset_usg_ptd_bal
  • save_paypal_bill_agreement
  • cancel_recurring_credits
  • update_order
  • write_acct_comment

Credit Card Velocity Checking/Blacklisting (DEV-4947)

The following APIs are now available:

  • update_cc_blacklist - Adds or removes a card number entry in the blacklist.
  • compare_against_cc_blacklist - Compares a card number against entries in the blacklist.
  • get_cc_velocity_info - For a specified card, retrieves information related to collection attempts, authorizations, and primary/backup payment methods.

Enhancement to create_acct_hierarchy (DEV-4952)

A new parameter, <invoice_posting_method_cd> has been added to the create_acct_hierarchy API.

Enhancement to update_acct_invoice (DEV-5026)

A new parameter, <posting_user>, has been added to the update_acct_invoice API. This parameter is only honored when <posting_status_cd> is passed when manually posting the invoice.

Aria API Fixes   

  • <client_rate_schedule_id> Was Not Returned for the Following APIs (TICKET-6726)

    • get_available_plans_all
    • get_plans_by_promo_code_all
    • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_all
    • get_avail_child_plans_for_plan_all
    • get_avail_child_plans_for_acct_all
    • get_client_plans_all
    • get_acct_plans_all
    • get_client_plan_services
    • get_client_plan_service_rates
  • get_discount_rules API Called Using Java SDK Did Not Return Data (TICKET-6736)
  • client_inventory API Returned an Incorrect Error Code When Duplicate Values Were Entered in the <client_sku> Field (TICKET-7197)
  • Field Values Associated With Supplemental Plans That Were Passed in the create_acct_complete API Using DotNet SDK Were Not Saved (TICKET-7237)
  • modify_acct_plan_unit_instances did not add the specified <new_client_plan_unit_inst_id>. (TICKET-6710)
  • get_discount_rules (AdminTools API) did not return <error_code> and <error_message> fields (TICKET-7261)
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