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Aria6 API Release 6.38

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

API Features  

Minimum Threshold Amount for Statement (DEV-3838)

The following APIs have been modified to accommodate minimum threshold amounts for statements:

  • create_acct_complete
  • update_acct_complete

New Inputs

  • <min_statement_threshold>
  • <max_statements_to_defer>
  • <defer_full_statements_only>

The get_acct_statement_history API has new outputs:

  • <sent_status>
  • <date_sent>

A new API, send_acct_statement_email has been created with the following inputs:

  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no>
  • <statement_no>
  • <sequential_statement_no>

Copy Payment Method From One Account to Another (DEV-5110)

A new API, copy_acct_payment_method allows you to copy a payment method from one account to another.

When copying, the primary payment method on the source account is used as the primary payment method on the target account. The same applies to a backup payment method if it exists. Billing contact information stored on the payment method is also copied.

Only non-disabled payment methods are copied to the target account, and existing payment methods on the target account are replaced/disabled by the ones that are copied.

Apply Surcharge to Payment Method (DEV-5256)

The following APIs have been modified to allow surcharges to be applied to payment methods.

  • get_surcharge_details - Added <pay_method> array as an output, which includes <payment_method_type>, a string that is the human-readable name of the payment method.
  • create_surcharge - Added the option to create a surcharge with scope 11 (Payment Method).
  • edit_surcharge - Added the option to edit a surcharge and assign scope 11 (Payment Method).
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