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Aria6 API Release 6.40

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

API Features

Multiple Rate Schedules for Non-Subscription Objects (DEV-5172)

The following APIs have been updated to allow the addition of rate schedules to non-subscription objects.

  • create_inventory_item
  • update_inventory_item

Additional input fields are:

  • <schedule> - Array containing the rate schedule information.
    • <schedule_name> - Name of the schedule being created/updated.
    • <client_rate_schedule_id> - Unique client identifier for the rate schedule.
    • <currency_cd> - Currency used by the rate schedule.
    • <is_default> - Indicates if the rate schedule is the default for the associated plan.
    • <tax_inclusive_rate> - Indicates if taxes are included in the rate.
  • <tier> - Array containing the pricing information for the rate schedule.
    • <amount> - Price per unit within the tier.
    • <from> - Starting unit of the tier.
    • <to> - Ending unit of the tier.
    • <description> - An explanation of the tier. If valued, this overrides the rate tier's description at the service level.

The following APIs have been updated to provide the above rate schedule information in their output.

  • get_inventory_item_details
  • get_client_items
  • get_client_items_all
  • get_client_item_prices
  • get_client_item_basic
  • get_items_by_class
  • get_items_by_suppl_field

 Rate Schedules Can Be Assigned To One-Day Windows (DEV-5245)

The following APIs have been created that enable assigning rate schedules to one-day windows.

  • set_acct_usg_daily_threshold
  • set_client_usg_daily_threshold

The get_unbilled_usage_summary API has the following new output fields.

  • <acct_daily_unit_threshold_amount>
  • <acct_daily_unit_threshold_level1>
  • <acct_daily_unit_threshold_level2>
  • <acct_daily_unit_threshold_level3>
  • <acct_daily_unit_threshold_level4>
  • <client_daily_unit_threshold_amount>
  • <client_daily_unit_threshold_level1>
  • <client_daily _unit_threshold_level2>
  • <client_daily_unit_threshold_level3>
  • <client_daily_unit_threshold_level4>
  • <daily_unit_balance_amount>
  • <acct_daily_unit_delta_sign>
  • <acct_daily_unit_delta_amount>
  • <client_daily_unit_delta_sign>
  • <client_daily_unit_delta_amount>

The following APIs have the new output field <apply_usage_rates_daily>.

  • get_plan_service_details
  • get_client_plan_services
  • get_available_plans_all
  • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_all
  • get_plans_by_promo_code_all
  • get_avail_child_plans_for_acct_all
  • get_avail_child_plans_for_plan_all
  • get_client_plans_all
  • get_acct_plans_all

 The following APIs have the new input field <apply_usage_rates_daily>.

  • assign_supp_plan
  • create_acct_and_plans 
  • create_acct_complete
  • create_acct_hierarchy (field name is modified to match standard hierarchy: a1_rate_usage_daily, a2_rate_usage_daily, etc.)
  • create_new_plan
  • edit_plan
  • edit_plan_service_details
  • modify_supp_plan
  • replace_supp_plan
  • update_master_plan

Logging for Admintools APIs (DEV-5312)

The following will now be logged for all Admintools APIs.

  • All input and output parameters
  • <api_name>
  • <calling_method>
  • <error_code>
  • <error_message>
  • <error_details>
  • <start_time>
  • <end_time>
  • <receipt_id>
  • <caller_id>

Billing Date Adjustment (DEV-5499)

The adjust_billing_dates API has been updated to allow you to change an account's billing date either by entering the date or by specifying the number of days to change it. Previously, you could only specify a billing date change by specifying the number of days by which you wanted to change it. The adjustment date cannot exceed 27 days before or after the current next billing date.

Create_new_plan and Edit_plan Admintools API Enhancements (DEV-5245)

The create_new_plan and edit_plan APIs have the following changes:

  • The <apply_usage_rates_daily> field has been added with the following allowable values:
    • Yes - Apply usage rates daily for this particular service.
    • No - Do not apply usage rates daily for this particular service.
  • The <notice_balance_type> field now supports daily as an allowable value.

Get_invoice_information Performance Enhancement (DEV-5337)

The Object Query API, get_invoice_information has been modified to improve its performance. The query has been modified only when the following parameters are included in the query:

  • <invoice_no>
  • <debit>
  • ORDER BY invoice_no ASC

The following is an example of a query that is affected by this enhancement:

 get_invoice_information "invoice_no>1000 AND debit>0 ORDER BY invoice_no ASC" 

Aria API Fixes

  • Edit_plan API Did Not Change Plan Start and End Dates (TICKET-9737)
  • Get_invoice_details API Did Not Return Coupon Code (TICKET-9294)
  • Unable To Create Account Using Create_acct_complete API (TICKET-9686)
  • Proper Error Message Not Displayed When Required Field Was Left Blank For Get_service_details API (TICKET-9723)
  • All Currencies Retrieved In API Response Even Though Only US Dollars Was Passed As Input For Get_Inventory_Item_Details API (TICKET-9726)
  • Data Was Retrieved In Get_Inventory_Item_Details API, Even Though Invalid Currency Code Was Passed (TICKET-9728)
  • <Days_until_payment_reminder> Values Incorrectly Retrieved In Get_Client_payment_method API (TICKET-9755)

WSDL File Locations

Aria6 WSDL Files

Stage Current



EUR None

Stage Future










Object Query WSDL Files

Stage Current

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/AriaQuery/wsdl/6.37/integration_services-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None

Stage Future










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