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Aria6 Release 6.28

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Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria6 Features

Save Prompt Added to Prevent Lost Progress (DEV-3469)

This enhancement adds a "Save" prompt that allows you to save your work or to discard any changes before leaving a page. Previously, when you made changes in Aria6 and proceeded to navigate away from the page without saving your work, your changes were lost without warning.

save prompt.png

Ability to Create Standalone Credits (DEV-3605)

This enhancement provides the ability to create a stand-alone credit in CyberSource in instances where a refund cannot otherwise be created. Using the Cybersource APIs, Aria’s refund window was limited to 60 days. Although this was acceptable for most refund needs, it did not allow the issue of refunds for transactions completed more than 60 days in the past. 

Creating a standalone credit:

  • Posts a credit to the payment card that is on file for the transaction.
  • Posts a standalone credit to Cybersource for the refund amount instead of issuing a true refund. 

cybersource payments.png

Aria PCI 3.0 JavaScript Tag (DEV-3620)

To prevent your business from having to meet the strict requirements of PCI Compliance, Aria has provided a JavaScript tag for you to insert into the footer of your cardholder data collection pages. The insertion of this tag effectively removes your business from the cardholder data collection process by forcing submitted consumer data directly to Aria's servers.

For information on implementing the JavaScript tag, refer to the Implementation Guide.

WorldPay Corporate Gateway Integration (DEV-3666)

This enhancements adds integration with the WorldPay Corporate Gateway, which offers support for various global payment methods, advanced fraud mitigation tools, tokenization, and Account Updater tools.

Supported payment methods include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB

worldpay payment gateway.png

130-Day Request Added to Chase Paymentech Account Updater (DEV-3383)

As part of the integration with Chase Paymentech's version of Account Updater, you can now send a request for every participating credit card account, within a certain configurable number of days. The default value for the configurable number of days is 130 calendar days.

For accounts that are nearing their anniversary date that were never sent to Account Updater, the following end-of-month scenarios apply:

If… Then
The month ends on the 28th On the 28th, you can send a request for anniversary days from 28th - 31st.
The month ends on the 29th On the 29th, you can send a request for anniversary days from 28th - 31st.  
The month ends on the 30th On the 30th, you can send a request for anniversary days from 30th - 31st.
The month ends on the 31st  On the 31st, you can send a request for anniversary days on the 31st.

Within five business days of receiving an Account Updater request, any new payment information is available so that your on-file account can be updated with this new information.

Setup for Paymentech Account Updater Requests is configured by Aria personnel. To set up Account Updater, please contact your Customer Support Representative.

Service Credits Now Display as a Single Line Item on Statements (DEV-3667)

The Aria statement output has been updated to display all service credits as a single line item, as opposed to listing them separately. For example, if a customer's statement includes three separate service credits for $1.00 each, these service credits are now calculated and displayed as a single line item of $3.00 on the statement.

Negative Balances from Child Accounts Now Display On Parent Account Statments (DEV-3668)

This enhancement ensures that when an invoice is voided at the child account level, the negative balance transfers to and displays as a negative charge on the parent statement. 

Service Credits Enhancements (DEV-3708)

This enhancement updates the Aria6 service credits functionality to support:

  • The selection of multiple applicable plans and the subset of their services during service credit creation.
  • The proportionate allocation of service credits across eligible plans and services. Service credits are now allocated based on the percentage of each applicable line item total with respect to the total of all eligible charges.  
  • The ability to specify optional expiration dates for service credits.


SummaryInvoiceText Field Now Supported from Vertex Tax Response (DEV-3750)

Aria now captures the SummaryInvoiceText field from Vertex Tax Service responses, ensuring that the values returned by this field display on statements, in an effort to maintain compliance in Europe. The information provided by this field displays on invoices using replacement strings, which are used as a placeholder and are substituted during statement generation with the actual values.

For example, a statement includes a line item that lists the total amount of taxes that a customer must pay as part of the overall invoice. With the addition of the SummaryInvoiceText field, the statement now displays specific information that details the individual components that make up the total tax amount.

Ability to Sort Columns on View Pending Invoices Screen

This enhancement updates the View Pending Invoices screen to allow column-based sorting. Selecting the icon arrows next to the column name alphanumerically sorts the table contents.


Aria Workflow Integration: Single Sign-On (DEV-3689)

This enhancement enables single-sign on authentication from Aria6 to Aria Workflow. Aria Workflow helps automate complex decision rules by enabling business users to create custom workflows triggered off of events in the Aria platform.

Aria Workflow is now available in the left navigation of Aria6 for users who subscribe to this functionality.


Clicking the Workflow link in the left navigation opens Aria Workflow in a new window, without requiring you to enter a separate login.

Invoice Level Supplemental Fields (DEV-3724)

The following fields have been added to the Invoices page, which is accessible by navigating to Accounts > Statements and Invoices:

  • Custom Invoice Status - This value is assigned from a client-wide list defined under Configuration > Billing > Custom Invoice Status. When a status value is assigned to an invoice, the corresponding status description is also assigned to the invoice. 
  • Notes - This is a 1,000 character text field intended for use internally by your finance team members. The text entered in this field is saved as it is entered, meaning that all white space is preserved, including tabs and line breaks. 


Tokenized Credit Card Expiry Notifications (DEV-3745)

This feature enables the last four digits of a credit card number and the expiration date (month and year) to be collected along with a token and then stored in Aria for later use.  Depending on the payment processor, this token information is returned either as part of a transaction or as part of retrieving a customer profile. In addition, this feature supports the sending of credit card expiration notification emails for the tokenized credit card payment method to the account holder. 

Tokenization is the process of exchanging sensitive account information for a token. Aria stores this token so that it is easy to re-bill or refund the account at a later time, without actually storing the sensitive credit card data. 

This following payment gateways currently support this feature:

  • PayJunction
  • Braintree
  • CyberSource
  • Litle

Link Payment Reminder Notifications to Payment Methods (DEV-3790)

This enhancement provides the ability to link scheduled payment reminder emails to payment methods.  These email reminders function similarly to dunning or other notification emails, and can be overridden at the Accounts or Notification Template Groups levels.


To enable these fields, navigate to Configuration > Email Templates and add a new Payment Reminder template class.

Add Statement Email Recipients to Bcc or Cc List (DEV-3850)

This enhancement provides the ability to define whether invoice recipients are added to the Cc or Bcc fields of the statement notification email. To access this functionality, navigate to Accounts > select an account > Account Overview > Notification Method


Aria6 Fixes  

  • Accounts Not Removed from Dunning when Valid Duplicate apply_cash_credit API Call was Received (TICKET-4728)
  • Quick Plans Module Permitted Plan Creation Without Any Added Services (TICKET-4737)
  • "Remove Primary Payment Method" Option Missing When Payment Method was Set to External Payment (TICKET-4746)
  • Invoice Failed to Generate when Account was changed to "Active" Status (TICKET-4799)
  • Account Creation Profile Failed to Load when Retroactive Billing Start Date and Alternate Billing Start Date Fields were Configured (TICKET-4801)
  • "Copy Admin Contact To Empty Billing Contact Fields" Setting Failed to Copy Information as Expected (TICKET-4806)
  • Event Notification Server Response did not Accurately Reflect Database Setting (TICKET-4937)

New and Recently Updated Aria6 Documentation

To enhance your user experience, the following product documentation is now available.

new documentation.png

Aria Workflow Guide

  This document provides an overview of Aria Workflow. In addition, it provides a link to the Aria Workflow online knowledge base.
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