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Aria6 Release 6.34

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38
  • Safari (Mac)

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria6 Features  

Client Defined Identifier Field Now Available in UI (DEV-4738)

The plan Rate page has been enhanced with a new Client Defined Identifier field to map a client system to Aria, providing additional flexibility for rate schedule management.

This field auto-populates with the same value provided in the Rate Schedule Name above, but may be changed to any unique value.

rate schedule CDI field.png

The Client Defined Identifier field can only be edited for an existing rate schedule if the Enable Client Rate Schedule ID Edit in Product Catalog client parameter (Configuration > Client Settings > Miscellaneous Settings) is set to Yes

Refer to the below note for more information on enabling this parameter.

New Client Parameter to Edit Client Rate Schedule ID Field (DEV-4842)

A new Enable Client Rate Schedule ID Edit in Product Catalog client parameter has been implemented to provide the ability to edit the Client Rate Schedule ID field of an existing rate schedule. This client parameter has the following values:

  • Yes: The Client Rate Schedule ID will be editable.
  • No: The Client Rate Schedule ID will be in a “read-only” mode and will not be editable.

Note: The default setting for this client parameter is No.


edit CDIv2.png

Note: The Client Rate Schedule ID field is editable for all newly created rate schedules. The Enable Rate Schedule ID Edit in Product Catalog client parameter only controls the ability to edit the Client Rate Schedule ID of existing rate schedules.


Implementing this Feature

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Miscellaneous Settings

  1. Select the Enable Client Rate Schedule ID Edit in Product Catalog client parameter.
  2. Select Yes from the Value drop-down.

enable client rate schedule id parameter yesv2.png

  1. Click Save.

Allow Pasting into Rate Schedule Information (DEV-4136)

The plan Rate page has been enhanced to allow you to copy values from a spreadsheet and paste them into the From and To fields, in addition to the Rate field. Now, each entry does not have to be typed directly into the text field when creating a new plan or editing an existing plan’s rate schedule. This helps reduce errors and provides more accurate pricing during invoicing.

new rates2v2.png

Enhanced Rate Schedule Logic (DEV-4737)

The following enhancements have been made to Aria’s rate schedule logic.

Ability to Reuse a Client Defined Identifier of a Deleted or Removed Rate Schedule

If a plan has never been assigned to any accounts, and that plan is deleted, then all the associated rate schedules will also be deleted.

Likewise, if a rate schedule is removed from an unassigned plan (i.e., a plan that is not assigned to any accounts), then the removed rate schedule will be deleted.

With this enhanced logic, the client defined identifier used for a deleted or removed rate schedule can be re-used for a different rate schedule.

Default Client Defined Identifier Now Applied

If the client defined identifier for a rate schedule is empty (does not exist), then the rate schedule name will be copied in the Client Defined Identifier field, which a user can then edit to provide a unique value.

Likewise, if a rate schedule is created via the create_new_plan or edit_plan API, and no client defined identifier is specified, then, by default, the Aria Internal Number for the rate schedule will be copied over in the client defined identifier field of the rate schedule.

Cannot Remove In Use or Used Rate Schedule

If an attempt is made to remove a rate schedule that is in use or has been used previously, the following error message displays:

Rate schedule cannot be removed from a plan that is assigned to an account because either the rate schedule is currently being used on an assigned plan or the rate schedule was previously used on the assigned plan.

Enhanced Web Service API Audit Log Search (DEV-4262)

Previously, only a date and time range could be specified to search the Web Service API audit log. Additional search options have been added to the Web Service API to filter results and search at a more granular level. Additional search filters can be applied by clicking the Add button.

web service api audi logv2.png

A drop-down displays, allowing you to select from four additional search options:

  • Account Number
  • API Name
  • Calling IP
  • Error Code

Any added search option can be removed by clicking the red “X” to the right of the search field.

web service api audit log all fieldsv2.png

Pending Invoice Fields Now Editable Without Regenerating (DEV-4831)

The Pending Invoices screen has been enhanced to allow updating of the invoice field values, without the need to approve or regenerate the pending invoice. To update these values from the Pending Invoices screen, follow the steps below.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Billing > Pending Invoices

  1. Click an Invoice No. link.

pending invoicesv2.png

The Pending Invoices Details page displays.

pending invoice detailsv3.png

  1. If applicable, make a different selection from the Custom Invoice Status drop-down.
  2. If applicable, update the text in the Notes field.
  3. Click Save.

The invoice field values are now updated.

Ability to Reserve the Next Sequential Statement Number (DEV-4935)

A new Reserve Next Statement Number link has been added to the Statements tab of an account so that the next sequential statement number can be reserved. Clicking this link reserves the next statement number for use with systems outside of Aria. This statement number will not be used for any future statements generated within Aria.

new link on statementsv2.png

Note:  Once a sequential statement number is reserved through this process, it cannot be released for reuse. If it is not used for an externally generated statement, there will be a gap in the statement numbering sequence.

When this action is completed, a comment is automatically written to the account stating the following:

Statement number XXXXX was reserved by <user name> on <date> at <time>.

  • XXXXX = The statement number that was generated.
  • <user name> = First and last name of the Aria user who reserved the statement number.
  • <date> = Date the statement number was reserved, in the date format identified for the client.
  • <time> = Time the statement number was reserved, in the time format identified for the client.

The next Aria-generated statement is one (1) greater than the most recently generated statement number.

Note: To enable this new Reserve Next Statement Number link, speak with your Customer Support Representative.

Two New Fields Added to WorldPay Payment Gateway (DEV-4915)

The following supplemental fields have been added to the WorldPay payment gateway:

  • IP Address
  • Session ID

When an account is created, the IP address and Session ID are captured under the account supplemental fields. These IP address and Session ID supplemental fields are mapped to the IP Address and Session ID fields under the WorldPay payment gateway configuration. With the implementation of these new fields, when a payment is triggered, Aria sends the payment request to WorldPay, along with the mapped IP Address value and Session ID value as the inputs.

Aria6 Fixes   

  • Usage_Type_Supp_Display_String Value Failed to Work When Used within the beginLoopAggrgUsgRecs Loop (TICKET-6414)
  • One Statement Was Generated and Mapped to Two Invoices When Assigning Two Separate Plans to the Same Account (TICKET-6520)
  • Inventory Item Created via create_inventory_item API with Item Name of 100 Characters Could Not Be Updated in Aria UI (TICKET-6581)
  • Account Creation Template Failed to Save if Default Supplemental Plan Was Selected (TICKET-6619)
  • Query Parameters Were Being Ordered Based on When they Were Sent in the Request (TICKET-6808)
  • Invoice Image Disappeared When Dragged from Unpaid Charges tab to Charges to be Paid tab (TICKET-6862)
  • Charges to Pay Section Displayed When Service Credit Option Was Selected from Cash Credit (TICKET-6863)
  • Products Event Notification Configuration Was Not Saving (TICKET-6945)
  • Aria6 UI Timed Out When Too Many Rate Schedules Were Added to a Plan (TICKET-7028)
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