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Aria6 Release 6.36

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38
  • Safari (Mac)

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria6 Features  

Invoice Line Item Presentation of Tax Amount with Discount and Inline Tax
(DEV-4422, DEV-5095)

This feature enables discount service line items to be sent to the Aria Internal tax engine. By sending this value separately, it enables the display of the calculated tax amount for both the service line item(s) and the corresponding discount line item(s) on statements.

Accessing This Functionality

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Taxation Configuration

  1. Select an existing Taxation Configuration set from the list. 


  1. Click the Internal Values tab and ensure that the Calculate Tax After Credits Applied option is set to No.

This displays the Send Discount Line Items for Tax Calculation option:


Note: Selecting Yes sends the corresponding line item discount amounts separately for tax calculation. Selecting No only sends the service line items for tax calculation.

Refer to the following scenarios to understand how these settings impact tax calculation:

  • To calculate tax separately for both the line item’s gross price and the line item’s discount:
    • Set Calculate Tax After Credits Applied to No.
    • Set Send Discount Line Items For Tax Calculation to Yes.
  • To calculate tax only on the gross amount and not on the discount amount:
    • Set Calculate Tax After Credits Applied to No.
    • Set Send Discount Line Items For Tax Calculation to No.
  • To calculate tax after credits are applied:
    • Set Calculate Tax After Credits Applied to Yes.
    • Send Discount Line Items For Tax Calculation is not available in this scenario.

Character Limit Increased for Non-Subscription Offering Fields (DEV-5051)

This improvement increases the character limit placed on the Name and Client Defined Identifier fields for Non-Subscription Offerings from 30 characters to 100 characters.


Aria6 Fixes   

  • The Date/Time Filter in Audit Logs did not Work After Being Removed and Re-added (TICKET-4918)
  • Payment Reminder Notification did not Work as Expected (TICKET-5415)
  • Date and Time Prompts When Viewing Audit Logs not Working (TICKET-5673)
  • Supplemental Plan Templates were Erroneously Available for Assignment as Child Plans (TICKET-6264)
  • Supplemental Plans Search Field That Appears Above the List of Plans was Unavailable (TICKET-6535)
  • Auto-Tuning Caused Multiple Provisioning Requests (TICKET-6685)
  • Unapplied Amount on Voided Invoice was not Applied to Open Charges as Expected (TICKET-6728)
  • Users Were Unable to Save New Virtual Inventory Engine Items in the Stage Future Environment (TICKET-7413)
  • Users Were Unable to Log-in to a New Instance (TICKET-7436)
  • Non-Subscription Offering Prices in European Format Failed to Display Values After a Decimal (TICKET-7802)
  • Revenue Recognition Default Value Failed to Save in a New Account Creation Template (TICKET-7803)
  • Some Transactions in Parent/Child Accounts Failed to Appear on Statements (TICKET-7841)
  • Email Template Preview and Template Save was not Available When the Content Type was Set to Text/HTML (TICKET-7872)
  • Batch Processes Results Screen Displayed "No Results" Before Returning Results (TICKET-7961)
  • Dunning Notices for Net Terms Erroneously Displayed a Null Value for the Balance Due (TICKET-8099)
  • Copy Configuration Failed Due to Insufficient Privileges (TICKET-8284)
  • Sort Icon was Unvailable on Pending Invoices Screen (TICKET-8299)
  • The Reserve Account Section of the Form of Payment Screen Failed to Display (TICKET-8509)
  • Subscribing to Products Notification Events Returned an Error (TICKET-8711)
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