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Aria6 Release 6.40

Release Date



Aria6 System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Aria6 Features  

Rate Schedules for Non-Subscription Offerings (DEV-5172)

This feature allows you to add a rate schedule to a non-subscription offering for multiple currencies.

Getting Here:

Click Products > Non-subscription Offerings > Select a non-subscription offering > Rate Schedules


Click Products > Non-subscription Offerings > New > Rate Schedules

NSO Rate Schedule.png

The following fields apply to all rate schedules.

  • Modify Price During Purchase?
    • Yes - The CSR can change the price of the item at the time of purchase.
    • No - The CSR cannot change the price of the item at the time of purchase.
  • Subunit Quantity - Use this field if this item has subunits and the rates of the subunits must be displayed to the end customer. For example, if a product is $16 per pound, it can be displayed as $1 per ounce.
  • Subunit Label - Use this field if the this item has subunits that must be displayed to the end user, for example "ounces".
  • Pricing Rule - Select a pricing rule from the drop-down menu.

The following fields display within each rate schedule.

  • Rate Schedule Name - Name of the rate schedule.
  • Client Defined Identifier - Unique identifier for this rate schedule. If the user does not define this when creating the rate schedule, the system assigns a value.
  • Currency - The country's currency used by this rate schedule.
  • Tax Inclusive Rates? - If checked, the rates entered for this service are “tax inclusive” and are split and displayed as two line items on an invoice: one as a charge line item and one as a tax line item.
  • Rate Tiers - For each rate tier, enter the starting and ending quantity of items in the tier, and the rate to purchase an item within the tier. In the above example, the rate for the first 10 items is $10 each, the rate for items 11 to infinity is $8 each.

Rate Schedules Can Be Assigned To One-Day Windows (DEV-5245)

This feature allows you to assign usage-based services to a rate schedule with a one-day interval rather than to the entire billing period.

Getting Here:

Click Products > Plans > New > Create a new plan > Services


Click Products > Plans > Select a plan > Services

You can add a daily interval to any service with a Service Type of Usage-Based. To see the options for daily usage, use the following steps:

  1. Select No from the High Water Indicator drop-down menu. The Apply Rates Daily drop-down menu displays.
  2. Select Yes from the Apply Rates Daily drop-down menu. The rate schedule on the service now applies to the window of one day.

For example, if a rate schedule allows 30 minutes of cell phone usage per billing period, and you choose to apply the rate schedule to a daily window, then the account now has 30 minutes of cell phone usage per day on its plan. Events associated with usage within a billing period are also affected. In this example, if an event notification is set based on exceeding a usage threshold within a billing period, a notification is sent every day that a user exceeds 30 minutes of usage

  1. You can now optionally select daily thresholds for the service under the Unit-Based Usage Monitoring Defaults. The daily usage indicator is also visible on the account when this option is selected.


Billing Date Adjustment (DEV-5499)

This feature allows you to change an account's billing date by entering either the date or by specifying the number of days to change it. Previously, you could only specify a billing date change by specifying the number of days by which you wanted to change it.

Getting Here: Click Account > Search for an account > Account Billing Dates > Adjust Account Billing Dates

Select Set Date from the Date Adjustment drop-down menu. You can then enter a new billing date in the Adjustment Date field. The adjustment date cannot exceed 27 days before or after the next billing date.


Plan Groups Screen Additional Sorting and Viewing Capability (DEV-5584)

The Plan Groups screen now provides the ability to sort each column, filter certain columns, and to show and hide columns.

The Plan Groups screen has the following features:

  • Sort By Column - By clicking the up/down arrows by each column name, you can sort the display by the values in that column.
  • Search a Column - In addition to being able to search all values in all plan groups, you can use the search box below each column name to find values just within that column.


  • Filter Columns - The Group Usage column allows you to filter the displayed plan groups by the values in this column. Click the up/down arrows in the box below the column name to see the values you can use to filter the list.


  • Show/Hide Columns: The Show/hide columns menu in the upper right corner allows you add and remove columns from the plan group display by checking or unchecking the column name in the menu.


Pagination on Supplemental Plan Page (DEV-4072)

This feature changes the display of supplemental plans within an account. Supplemental plans now display in a paged format to improve performance.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Plans > Supplemental Plans


If a large number of supplemental plans are assigned to the account, then they are displayed in pages. The page numbers at the bottom of the screen allow you to move through the rest of the supplemental plans.

Expanded Number of Flexible Code Fields in Aria/Vertex Integration (DEV-5015)

Aria has expanded the number of Flexible Code fields within Vertex tax configuration to 25.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Taxation Configuration > Select a Vertex tax configuration


Revenue Analytics (RA) User Role (DEV-5616)

This feature allows you to create or modify a user so that person can access Aria Revenue Analytics.

Getting Here:

Click Configuration > Security > Roles > New


Click Configuration > Security > Roles > Select a user

The following screen displays the Aria RA role in the list of permissions when you create a new user.


Aria6 Fixes

  • Credits Tab Indicated Cash Credit Application Details Were Available (TICKET-8742)
  • Changing Account Status to Archived Was Not Working (TICKET-8796)
  • "Unable to Execute Insert Statement" Error Message Was Displayed While Creating a Plan (TICKET-8957)
  • Account Comments Did Not Sort Correctly (TICKET-9063)
  • ADDRESS_SEQ Field Not Populated Correctly (TICKET-9200)
  • Multiple Issues in Account Fields Section (TICKET-9255)
  • Able to Select Both Plan Group And Exclusion Group to a Plan (TICKET-9388)
  • Discount Bundles Not Appearing in Correct Order (TICKET-9562)
  • Not Able to Enter Negative Bill Lag Days for a Payment Method (TICKET-9641)
  • Account Resource Control Screen Did Not Paginate Correctly (TICKET-9655)
  • Create/Update Internal Tax Accepts End Date Value Less Than the Start Date Value (TICKET-9705)
  • Unable to Edit Plan's Available Start and End Date (TICKET-9737)
  • Unable to Edit Plan With Client_Rate_Schedule_Id (TICKET-9739)
  • Update Tax Continued Loading When the Associated Countries is Unmapped and Saved (TICKET-9884)
  • PHP SDK and PHP SDK Example Calls Were Requesting Username and Password (TICKET-9894)
  • API Live Displayed a Number Instead of a URL in SDK Examples (TICKET-9895)
  • API Live Displayed a "1" After Its Output (TICKET-9924)
  • Changing the Tax Inclusive Rate Flag on a Supplemental Plan Did Not Work (TICKET-9925)
  • Timezone Not Correct in Audit Log Screens (TICKET-9927)
  • Administrative Audit Logs Was Not Being Displayed Correctly in Aria UI (TICKET-9931)
  • Data Table Warning Was Displayed in the Surcharge Page After Creating a New Surcharge. (TICKET-10015)
  • Unable to Create New Order Based Service While Creating NSO (TICKET-10023)


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