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Aria6 Release 6.43

Application Features  

Credit Card Authorization Reversal Process (DEV-5638)

This feature supports the reversal of a credit card pre-authorization amount for the following payment gateways:

  • Chase Paymentech
  • CyberSource
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • Vantiv (Litle)

Performing the Authorization Reversal

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for an Account > Payments & Credits > Current Authorization Reversals tab

  1. Click Create a New Auth Reversal. All pending authorizations that can be reversed display.
  2. Click the Authorization ID for the authorization you want to reverse. The following screen displays:
    New Auth Reversal.png
  1. Select a Reason from the drop-down. The following options are available:
  • Account charged in error
  • Goods/Services not delivered
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Cancellation of pre-paid service
  • Good will
  • Overpayment/Duplicate payment
  • Wrong/Undesired payment source charged
  • Other
  1. Add your comments into the CSR Comments field (Optional).
  2. Click Generate Auth Reversal.

Note: Reversals against pending authorizations may not be reflected in the account holder's balance for several days, depending on the individual rules and processes of the payment processor and issuing bank/practice.

Role-based User Authentication for Workflow Access and Customization of Workflow Navigation Button Added (DEV-5906)

This features creates two roles for Workflow access, and allows the user to assign a URL to the Workflow button in the Aria navigation bar.

Assign Workflow User Access

For Workflow users, two roles are available to assign user permissions to Workflow:

  • Workflow Designer: This role grants access to folders in which designer entities are created for end users, allows the user to create new folders, and runs Workflows as end users in the Aria Workflow portal.
  • Workflow Administrator: This role grants full access to all folders and functions in Aria Workflow portal.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Security > Roles

Check the appropriate access for the user. 

Workflow Designer.png

Specify a URL for the Workflow Navigation Bar

By default, the Workflow button in the left-hand navigation directs to the Workflow landing page. To customize this button to direct you to your instance of Workflow, you must configure the URL Base Domain and the Subdomain in the Workflow Settings.   

Getting here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Workflow Settings

URL code.png

Plan Unit Instance Details in Statement (DEV-5943)

Statements have the capability to display the following details of the Plan Unit Instances:

  • Plan unit instance number
  • Client-defined plan unit instance ID
  • Plan unit instance status
  • Plan name
  • Plan number
  • Service name
  • Service number
  • Service fulfillment status
  • Service fulfillment date

​Contact Customer Service to include these details when statements are generated.  

JavaScript Improvements to Rate Schedules (DEV-5994)

This improvement prevents delays and JavaScript load errors for rates schedules with plans. 

Email Notification Sent to Batch Job Alert Contact and Aria Customer Support When Batch Job Fails (DEV-6075)

This feature supports sending an email notification to an assigned contact and Aria Customer Support (BCC'd) when a batch job fails for any of the following reasons: 

  • Processes died before completion (Status code: 3)
  • Failed with fatal error (Status code: 4)
  • Completed, some errors (Status code: 5)
  • Did not run due to dependency failure (Status code: 6)

The email includes the following information:

  • Client ID and Client Name
  • Name of the batch job
  • Status
  • Start Time
  • End Time

The following is an example email sent for a batch job failure due to processes dying before completion. 

Batch Job Alert Email.png

Configure the Batch Job Alert Contact in Company Profile

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Company Profile

  1. In the Batch Job Alert Contact fields, enter the contact's information.  
  2. Click Save.

Batch Job Alert Contact.png

Enhanced Event Logging (DEV-6215)

Event notification logging has been transferred to a different database.  With the new database, the event log search functionality has been expanded and improved.  

Note: Since the logging has been transferred to a new database, data collected before this release will not display with this current search.  If you need to access data from before this version release (before 1/20/2016), contact support@ariasystems.com

New Search Options Enabled 

Getting here: Click Configuration > Audit Logs > Events

Event Log Search Options.png

You can search Event logs using any combination of the following fields: 

  • Attempt Date/Time: This is the default search field and defaults to the current date/time.
  • Account: Search for a specific account. 
  • Event Class: When an event class is selected, the available event IDs for that class are made available via a dropdown. 
  • Sequence Number
  • Status: The list of available statuses are as follows: 
    • ​Discarded
    • Failed
    • Incomplete
    • New
    • Pending
    • Queued
    • Successful

Improved Search Results Table

After completing a search, all events within a given sequence are returned. The search results table displays the results by attempt date in descending order.

Events Search Results.png

Application Fixes

  • Rollover plans were not working correctly (TICKET-8532)
  • Rate schedule lock/unlocked state did not have sorting option (TICKET-9630)
  • Error message did not appear in "My Profile" page as expected (TICKET-10205)
  • Plan unit 'Assigned By' reference was not correct (TICKET-10225)
  • Access denied page was not displaying properly (TICKET-10289)
  • Table column headers on Edit Surcharge screen were not aligned (TICKET-10301)
  • Plan usage threshold values were not removed from the data bundle when removing a service (TICKET-10351)
  • Promotion screen UI issues corrected (TICKET-10404)
  • Unable to manage reporting folder and auth key permissions (TICKET-10478)
  • Jurisdiction values were incorrectly displayed on all tax sets (TICKET-10483)
  • Filter by status “Inactive” for non-subscription offering classes corrected (TICKET-10513)
  • Error message corrected when clicking on all service rates tab (TICKET-10542)
  • Data tables error displayed when using the browse functionality on the plan relationships tab (TICKET-10658)
  • Sorting did not work correctly for some service functions (TICKET-10665)
  • Some discounts were not applied correctly (TICKET-10690)

API Features   

Credit Card Authorization Reversal Process (DEV-5638)

This feature introduces the following APIs.

API Description


This API enables reversal of credit card authorizations.


This API returns a list of the reversible authorizations for an account.

Processing guidelines and rules for authorization reversals vary by payment processors. These APIs have been developed to be used with the following payment processors that support full authorization reversals:

  • Chase Paymentech
  • CyberSource
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • Vantiv (Litle)

Associated Error Messages

You receive an error message when using this API if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The requested authorization you are trying to reverse is more than 72 hours old.  
  • If the given auth_no or proc_auth_id is not valid, does not exist, or has already been reversed on the account.
  • If total_reversal_amount is not greater than zero and less than original authorized amount.

Tokenization of Credit Card Numbers (DEV-5986)

The following APIs have been created to generate a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) for a credit card number.

API(s) Description


This API uses the billing sequence number as the input to generate the UUID for the credit card number.
get_acct_uuids  This API uses the account number as the input to generate the UUID for the credit card number.
get_cc_uuid This API uses the credit card number as the input to generate the UUID.

API Fixes

  • Aria object query API get_account_details outputs the State/Province (TICKET-3355)
  • Field values for all_plan_service_rates display in the API response (TICKET-8302)
  • Invalid field value and fulfillment date/directive without service number error messages corrected for update_acct_plan_unit_instance API (TICKET-8736)
  • Able to execute INSERT statement error message displayed in create_new_plan/edit_plan (TICKET-10352)
  • HTML statements output for get_acct_preview_statement_m when using API live corrected (TICKET-10501)
  • INVOICER_BATCH_THREADS results in valid acct_transaction_create_session_id (TICKET-10521)
  • API doc and API live show correct element name for single-dimensional arrays (TICKET-10523)
  • Sorting functional for usage_type - unit_type (TICKET-10528)
  • get_services API call returns correct results (TICKET-10619)
  • create_acct_complete_m is correctly Documented on Dev Central (TICKET-10680)
  • Description added to Dev Central for delete_plans admin tools API (TICKET-10909)


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