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Aria6 Release 6.47

Application Features

Support for Chase Paymentech (Salem) Tokenization (DEV-5637)

This feature supports Token IDs from Chase Paymentech (Salem) to process payments in Aria, and leverages existing tokenized credit cards by adding the capability to: 

  • Store Token IDs in Aria that are returned with transaction and tokenization requests submitted to Chase Paymentech (Salem).
  • Include Token IDs in payment processing requests sent to Chase Paymentech (Salem).
  • Make the Token ID returned by Chase Paymentech (Salem) available to clients for use by other systems.
  • Capture and display the last four digits, the expiry month and expiry year associated with the token to send support emails to end customers when the card is near expiry. These values are returned as part of the tokenization process. Refer to Chase Paymentech Help Documentation for more information.

Merchants must have the Safetech Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) Tokenization enabled through Chase Paymentech (Salem) to use this feature. The associated token is generated by Chase Paymentech as follows:

  • The last four digits of the card number remain the same.
  • The first six digits represent the Bank Identification Number (BIN).
  • The middle numbers are random. 

Note: Aria does not support other Chase Paymentech token formats (for example, Profile Customer Reference Numbers created for the Orbital gateway).

If you have credit card information that is not tokenized by the method described above, contact Chase Paymentech for more information. 

Refer to Payment Processing for more information on payment processing. 

Stand-alone Refunds Enabled for Credit Card Transactions Processed with Vantiv (DEV-6725) 

This enhancement supports issuing refunds to a different credit card (“stand-alone” refund) than the card used for the original transaction, through the Vantiv (Litle) payment processor. This functionality allows a credit to be issued in cases where the original credit card data is no longer valid (i.e it has been lost or stolen, has expired or been cancelled).

To support this feature, a new option for Alternate One-Time is included when processing a refund. 

Note: This feature does not support alternate one-time support refunds for payments made by tokenized credit cards.  

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Payments & Credits > Refunds

  1. Click New. 
  2. Select a transaction to refund. The Refund Details screen displays. 

Refund Reason Screen _6.47.png

  1. Select the reason for the refund from the Reason drop-down. 
  2. Select Yes or No to Include Invoice Line Item Reversal
  • Yes: The Reversal Details display with a field for Current Reversal amount. Enter the Current Reversal Amount. The total amount for the refund is calculated, including tax, by the invoice line item. 

Revere Invoicle Line 6.47.png

  • No: The Amount field displays. Enter the refund amount.
  1. Optionally, enter Comments
  2. Click Next. The Payment Method selection displays. 
  3. Select Alternate One-Time. Fields to enter a new credit card and related information displays. 

Alt One Time Method 6.47.png

  1. Enter the credit card information.
  2. Click Create Refund.  
  3. Click OK to confirm the refund. The refund has been processed with the new credit card information.

Service Credit Creation for Pre-paid items Decoupled from "order paid" Event (DEV-6820)

The Auto Credit Service Activation feature of Non-Subscription Offerings no longer requires subscription to the “Order Paid” event in Event Notifications. Service credits are now created immediately when the order is paid. 

Vertex Customer Code Mapping (DEV-6976)

This feature allows you to use Vertex’s rules engine to determine if account orders are tax exempt with the following fields:

  • Customer/CustomerCode: This can be supplied by your Customer Service Representative.
  • Supp Field Override: Overrides passing the Customer/CustomerCode value to the Vertex tax engine. Use this field to specify an account-level value instead of the client-level value.

This functionality is supported by the use of the Customer/CustomerCode node in the Vertex integration XML. 

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Taxation Configuration

  1. Select Vertex from the list, or if you have not configured Vertex, refer to Taxation to implement Vertex.
  2. Go to the Configuration tab. Scroll to the Customer/CustomerCode field.

Customer Code Fields 6.47.png

  1. Enter the Customer/CustomerCode. This can be supplied by your Customer Service Representative.
  2. Set the Supp Field Override, if applicable. The drop-down values contain the Account Fields for the account. Use this field to select an account field value to pass to the Vertex tax engine instead of the customer/customer code. 
  3. Click Save

Application Fixes

  • User was able to create a discount rule with a negative amount (TICKET-9947)
  • Invalid unit threshold data when applying supplemental plan unit based usage threshold (TICKET-11747)
  • .NET SDK had incorrect output (TICKET-11848)
  • Financial event payload contained master plan instance event ID (TICKET-11858)
  • Account contact country defaulted to US when blank (TICKET-11891)
  • Payment method details were not cleared on error (TICKET-11905)
  • Rate schedule unit prices were editable when plan was non-billable (TICKET-10910)
  • Unable to add multiple supplemental plans to an MPI (TICKET-11485)
  • Annual supplemental plan renewal invoices were not generated for certain accounts (TICKET-11617)
  • Company name did not appear in billing contact screen (TICKET-11637)
  • Unable to delete a service in service page (TICKET-11706)
  • Double provisioning events triggered for event 726 (TICKET-11725)
  • Account groups were missing from create new role (TICKET-11726)
  • Master plan was not sorting (TICKET-11767)
  • Multiple refunds applied to the same transaction generated Oracle database error (TICKET-11770)
  • Client defined identifier plan unit instance display issue (TICKET-11787)
  • Order units was rounding when inputting units with decimals (TICKET-11826)
  • JSON error when trying to use pagination in transactions (TICKET-11927)
  • Multiple currency transaction in a single account (TICKET-12038)
  • Client-specific shared folder was hidden after providing web access by creating new client (TICKET-12068)

API Features

Chase Paymentech (Salem) Support for Tokens - API (DEV-5637)

Aria now supports the use of a Token ID from Chase Paymentech (Salem) for processing payments. To use this feature, merchants must have the Safetech Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) Tokenization enabled through Chase Paymentech (Salem). The following API updates have been made:

  • bill_agreement_id and bkup_bill_agreement_id has been added as an output parameter in get_acct_details_all
  • bill_agreement_id has been added as an output parameter in get_acct_payment_methods
  • bill_agreement_id has been added as input parameter in get_accts_with_existing_pay_method

Stand-alone Refunds Enabled for Credit Card Transactions Processed with Vantiv - API (DEV-6725)

The issue_refund_to_acct API has been updated with the following input parameters to support issuing refunds to a credit card other than the one supplied at the time of the transaction:

  • <alt_pay_method>
  • <cc_number>
  • <cc_expire_mm>
  • <cc_expire_yyyy>
  • <cvv>
  • <bill_first_name>
  • <bill_last_name>
  • <bill_company_name>
  • <bill_address1>
  • <bill_address2>
  • <bill_address3>
  • <bill_city>
  • <bill_locality>
  • <bill_country>
  • <bill_state_prov>
  • <bill_zip>
  • <bill_phone>
  • <bill_cell_phone>
  • <bill_work_phone>
  • <bill_email>

API Updates for PayPal Address Verification Services (DEV-6726) 

This feature enables the ability to perform international address verification services (AVS) for PayPal Accounts.  The  API get_paypal_avs_status has been created to verify PayPal account addresses.

The save_paypal_bill_agreement API has been updated with the following new response fields:

  • <bill_agreement_id>
  • <paypal_email>
  • <paypal_payerid>
  • <paypal_payerstatus>
  • <paypal_countrycode>
  • <paypal_shiptoname>
  • <paypal_shiptostreet>
  • <paypal_shipttostreet2>
  • <paypal_shiptocity>
  • <paypal_shiptostate>
  • <paypal_shiptozip>
  • <paypal_shiptocountrycode>
  • <paypal_addressstatus>

The values returned are now saved as the billing contact for the particular account or billing group.

get_acct_hierarchy_details improved load time (DEV-6917)

The memory consumed while fetching account information has been reduced, which allows for return of results more quickly.

reactivate_terminate_pending parameter added to cancel_queued_service_plan (DEV-6932)

reactivate_terminate_pending parameter to update the status of a Terminate Pending plan has been added to cancel_queued_service_plan.  This parameter sets plans with a Terminate Pending status to Active status when remove_terminate_pending  = ‘false’ or null, and reactivate_terminate_pending = ‘true’.

When remove_terminate_pending  = ‘false’ or null, and reactivate_terminate_pending = ‘false’ or null, any plans covered by the API call that are in Terminate Pending status are not impacted. These plans remain in Terminate Pending status and are terminated according to the original schedule.

Note: The existing remove_terminate_pending parameter takes precedence over the reactivate_terminate_pending parameter. 

API Fixes

  • Search for account was displaying <acct_no> in Web Service API (TICKET-11392)
  • "Unexpected Error" occurred in record_external_payment_m API when amount as zero (TICKET-6478)
  • get_coupon_details API was showing incorrect status_ind  (TICKET-11769)
  • bulk_record_usage_m was not honoring client_master_plan_instance_id in some cases (TICKET-11856)
  • create_instance_contract_m call was not applying contract rollover (TICKET-11875)
  • Issue with account creation via create_acct_complete API  (TICKET-11895)
  • get_acct_plans_all_m API was not returning all output arguments (TICKET-11896)
  • assignment_directive values were not clear (TICKET-11989)

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