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Aria6 Release 6.49



Enhancements and fixes to Aria6 functionality for this release are described below.

Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features  

Token ID for Tokenized Credit Cards Displayed in User Interface (DEV-6774)

The bill_agreement_id parameter is used as the token ID for tokenized credit cards. The user interface has been updated to display the bill_agreement_id value (with the label Token) and the card type, last 4 digits, and expiration date (if provided by the payment processor). In addition, if the payment processor is PayPal, the PayPal email address displays.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for and select an account > Account Overview > Payments & Credits > Form of Payment 

PayPal 6.49.png

Token ID for Tokenized Credit Cards Displayed in User Interface - API (DEV-6774)

The bill_agreement_id parameter is used as the token ID for tokenized credit cards. The following APIs have been updated to include cc_type and bill_agreement_id as output parameters:

  • get_acct_details_all
  • get_acct_hierarchy_details
  • get_acct_payment_methods

If the payment processor is PayPal Express Checkout, the bill_agreement_id is the PayPal Reference Transaction ID. A reference transaction is a financial transaction from which subsequent transactions can be derived. For example, a buyer purchases an item on your site, and you use the PayPal transaction ID or reference transaction ID later to initiate another transaction.  

Tax Request Sent to Avalara Now Includes Currency Code (DEV-7193) 

The currency code is now included the tax request sent from Aria to Avalara. 

Example request (truncated): 

<GetTaxRequest><DocDate/><CustomerCode>123</CustomerCode><CompanyCode>12345</CompanyCode><CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode><BusinessIdentificationNo/><Client>Aria Systems </Client><DocCode>1234</DocCode><Addresses><Address><AddressCode>1234</AddressCode><Line1>1 Anywhere Rd</Line1><City>Anytown</City><Region>AB</Region><PostalCode>1234</PostalCode> . . .

Application Fixes   

  • Unfulfilled plans were generating multiple invoices (TICKET-12304)
  • Error was thrown during write-off to child account (TICKET-12639)

API Features

Improved Performance for create_inventory_item and update_inventory_item API (DEV-7059)

The create_inventory_item and update_inventory_item API performance has been optimized to decrease response time. 

 <output_type> parameter added to parameters in get_acct_hierarchy_details (DEV-7380)

The following parameters of the get_acct_hierarchy_details API have been updated with the output_type parameter of string: 

  • senior_acct_no
  • resp_level_cd
  • bill_day
  • status_cd
  • master_plan_no
  • master_plan_units
  • notify_method
  • pay_method
  • cc_id
  • balance

This ensures that the data type response of the API response fields is consistent.  

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