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Pending Invoices Screen


The Pending Invoices screen displays invoices that are set to "pending" status, if applicable. Only one invoice may be created at a time for any account, so only one pending invoice displays at a given time.

Aria can be configured to set every anniversary-based invoice into a "pending" status by default, allowing a final approval process. If configured, every invoice that is generated from the Invoices screen populates on the Pending Invoices screen for approval. To configure this setting at the account or client level, please contact your Aria Customer Service Representative.

A pending invoice can be approved at any time by clicking the invoice number on the Pending Invoices screen.

Note: Pending invoices are not a real financial transaction on an account until the invoice is approved. Therefore, pending invoices do not affect an account's balance.

Pending Invoices Screen

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices > Pending Invoices tab

The screenshot below highlights important elements of this screen, followed by a description of each.

pending invoices screen finalv2.png

Approve/View: View or approve a pending invoice. Another invoice cannot be applied to the account until a current pending invoice is approved.

Approve a Pending Invoice

  1. Click the Approve/View link.

pending invoice2.png

  1. Click the Approve link to finalize the approval of the invoice.

approve pending invoicev2.png

Note: Clicking the Re-Calculate link discards the approval and re-generates the invoice. 

  1. Click Approve.

Recalculating Pending Invoices

Recalculating pending invoices is not a valid approach for accounts to change plans.

If you try to replace a supplemental plan or add a supplemental plan where a charge needs to be generated, a new invoice is generated and the recalculated pending invoice will not capture this on the original invoice.

Instead, you could either use the pre_calc_invoice API or any of the supplemental plan APIs with <do_write> set to False to present invoice charges prior to adding supplemental plans and generating an invoice.

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