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Generate a Statement

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You can generate a new statement from the Statements screen if an invoice exists for the account, and the statement is ready to be generated, by following the steps below.

Generating a Statement

If you would like any of the following details to be included when a statement is generated, contact Aria Customer Support.

  • Plan unit instance number
  • Client-defined plan unit instance ID
  • Plan unit instance status
  • Plan name
  • Plan number
  • Service name
  • Service number
  • Service fulfillment status
  • Service fulfillment date


Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices > Statements tab

  1. Click Generate Statement.

generate a statement.png

  1. Select Send Email if you want to send the generated statement to the billing contact specified in the Account Overview. 

new statement optionsv2.png

This option defaults to Do Not Send Email.

  1. Click Generate Statement.

Note: An invoice must exist for the account to generate a statement. Only one invoice at a time per account is available to create a statement.  

Once the statement is generated, you can download the statement as CSV file. 

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