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Statements Screen


The Statements screen displays all statements for an account. A statement is a collection of transactions that can be generated automatically or on-demand. Statements are automatically generated after the nightly invoicing is completed and are immediately sent to customers who are set up to receive the statement.

Clicking a specific statement number displays the Transactions screen, providing an overview of all transactions that are included in the statement, as well as the option to view individual transaction details.

Statements Screen

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Statements & Invoices > Statements tab

The screenshot below highlights important elements of this screen, followed by a description of each.

new statements screenv3.png

Generate Statement – Quickly generate a new statement if an invoice exists for the account, and the statement is ready to be generated.

Reserve Next Statement Number Reserve the next sequential statement number for use with systems outside of Aria. If a statement number is reserved, it will not be used for any future statements generated within Aria.

Preview Next Statement – If applicable, preview the account's next statement, which simulates future charges.


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