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Parent-Child Account Best Practices


This article provides best practices for parent and child accounts in Aria.

Parent and Child Billing Dates

The recommended practice is to make the child accounts’ billing dates the same as their parent accounts’ billing dates. Aria allows you to create child accounts whose billing dates are different from their parent account’s billing dates. If a child account’s billing date is different from the parent account’s billing date:

  • Aria will generate an invoice on the child account’s billing date.
  • Aria will not collect a payment for the child account’s balance until the parent account’s billing date.

Statement Presentation

Determine the pieces of child account information that you want to include in the parents’ statements and contact Aria Systems Customer Support to specify your statement template requirements:

  • All child invoice line items, or
  • Only the balance transfer amounts.

Account Statuses

Decide what should happen to a child’s account status when the parent’s account status changes. When a parent’s account status is updated, the child’s account can be updated to the same status assigned to the parent. Please contact Aria Systems Customer Support to set up your parent-child account status options.

Service Credits

Be sure to apply service credits to the correct account:

  • For credits that apply to a child account’s services, apply the service credit to the child account.
  • For credits that apply to a parent account’s services, apply the service credit to the parent account.

Cash Credits

  • For responsibility level 1 (self pay), cash credits should always be applied to the child account.
  • For responsibility levels 2, 3, and 4 (parent pay), cash credits should always be applied to the parent account.


If you need to refund a payment for a child invoice that was paid by a parent account holder, you can issue the refund to the parent account and you can choose to also reverse one or more of the child invoice line items to which the refund applies.

Parent and Child Account Currencies

If you create a child account with parent pay responsibility, the parent and child accounts must be assigned the same currency. This may reduce potential errors resulting from different currency balances being rolled up together at the parent level.

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