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Specific Criteria Search


You can search for an account by using specific criteria. If you do not know specific account information, you may want to do an ad hoc search.

Completing a Specific Criteria Search

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search > select a search option

  • By Phone Number: Enter a customer account phone number to search for.
  • By Client Account ID: If you have a custom account field set up in your Aria implementation, you can search for accounts based on that field.
  • By Recent Access: to search for accounts that you accessed in the past 1-30 days.
  • By Recent Registration: to search for new accounts created up to 30 days in the past.
  • By Invoice Number: Click Search By Invoice Number to search for an account associated with a particular Aria invoice number.
  • By Order No: to search for a specific order number.
  • By Payment Ref Code: to search the number that was used to record an external payment, for example, a check number.
  • By Client Defined Field: to search for accounts associated with a particular value for an account field.
  • Example: If there is an account field called Language Selection, you can search for all accounts whose language selection is Spanish.
  • By SIM: to search by the Subscriber Identity Module of a telephony customer.
  • By IMEI: to search by the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity
  • By MSISDN: to search by the Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number.
  • In the Basic Search field, you can select from a list of values to search by:


Searching by Service Plan or Account Status

You can also search by a specific Service Plan, or by an Account Status:


  • All Accounts: to access all of your accounts.

Note: If you have a large number of accounts, using the All Accounts option may take a long time and, in some cases, may cause your browser to time out before results are returned. It is recommended that you use other account search options if you have a large number of accounts.

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