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Ad-Hoc Search


You can search for accounts on an ad hoc basis, rather than a specific criteria search. The Search By field that is selected by default on the Ad-Hoc Search screen is determined by the Account Ad-Hoc Search Default "Search By" Field system setting.

​For example, you can search based on the text field Account Contact Last Name and enter “MA” or “MAR” to find an account holder with the last name “Marist”. You can search based on the field Account Number and enter “1234567” to find the customer with that account number. If you enter “12”, you will not find the customer whose account number contains “12”.

Note: When you search based on text fields, you can find information using a partial text search and case-insensitive search criteria. When you search based on number fields, you can search for only an exact match.

Completing an Ad-Hoc Search

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search > Ad-Hoc Search

  1. Click Ad-Hoc Search.
  2. Enter your search criteria as described below:
  • Search By: Select the field by which you want to search for accounts.
  • Operator: Select how you want to match your search results with the Value that you will enter. The list of operators will vary based on the Search By field that you selected.
    • Equals: The search results will match exactly with what you entered.
    • Does Not Equal: The search results will everything that is not what you entered.
    • Contains: What you entered will be within the search results.
    • Does Not Contain: What you entered will not be within the search results.
  • Search Value: Enter or select the information that you want to find. If you are searching by a text field, you can enter all or part of the text you are looking for.

Ad-hoc search 2.png

  1. Additional Search Options:
  • DONE: Select DONE if you do not want to choose additional criteria.
  • AND: Select AND to search by two sets of criteria, such as Account Contact First Name equals Juan and Credit Card Type equals Visa.
  • OR: Select OR to search by either one of two criteria, such as Account Contact Last Name equals Alvarez or Account Number equals 461247.
  1. If you select AND or OR as an additional search option, enter your second set of search criteria.
  2. Click Search.

Any matching search results will be displayed as shown below.

  1. Click an Account Number to see the account information.

Ad hoc search results.png

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