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Create an Account


You can use Aria to create accounts that have a few basic options. To create accounts with advanced options, such as alternate rate schedules, use the create_acct_complete API call.

Can an Account be Deleted?

Once an account is created, you cannot delete it. Aria is a transaction-based system. You can change account statuses to a non-active, non-billable status, but an account record cannot be deleted. You can also set accounts to "Archived" or marked as "Test" status, but, due to referential integrity constraints, there is no way to remove accounts.


To create an account using Aria, you must first complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Your Aria Administrator must first create one or more Account Creation templates.
  2. Enter account information based on the options that your Aria Administrator set up in the selected template.

Creating an Account

Getting Here: Click Accounts Create New Account

  1. Select the Account Creation Template that you want to use to create the account.

The fields available for creating the new account depend upon the fields that are available in the template you select.

  1. Enter the account information.

Note: If you enter contact address information, but leave the Country field blank, then the country  defaults to "United States". If no contact address information is entered, the country remains unspecified when the account is created.

If options to select a customer's master and supplemental plans are available, then after you select a master plan, the corresponding list of supplemental plans associated with the master plan will be displayed. You will be able to select one or more supplemental plans depending on the number of supplemental plans that are associated with the master plan that you selected.

Create Account 6.51.png

  1. Click Save.

A new account is created and the account number will be displayed at the top of the screen as shown below.

  1. Click the account number to view or edit the customer's information.

create new account.png


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