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Remove an Assigned Surcharge


A surcharge can be removed from an account or plan based on the method  which it was originally assigned. This article provides the steps necessary to remove a surcharge from an account.

Removing a Surcharge from an Account

Getting Here: Click Products > Surcharges

  1. Select the desired account from the list. The Account Overview screen displays.


  1. The Surcharges screen can accessed through one of the following methods:

  • Click the Surcharges link.


  • Alternatively, you can click Plans & Services in the left navigation panel, and then click the  Surcharges tab.


  1. To remove the desired surcharge, click the Remove link next to the corresponding surcharge. If a link does not exist, this means that the Surcharge is assigned at the Plan level and can only be removed by removing it from the plan.


NoteThe Assignment Level column displays the plan through which the surcharge was assigned to the account. If multiple plans are associated to a surcharge, the surcharge is removed only after the last associated plan is canceled. If multiple plans are associated to a surcharge, canceling one of the associated plans removes that plan's association with the surcharge.

  1. The Surcharge To Remove screen displays. To confirm that you wish to remove the selected surcharge from the account, click Remove.

Note: When a surcharge is removed from an account, the surcharge fee is removed on the account's next invoice.


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