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Aria’s Surcharges feature enables you to charge customers additional fees based on various factors with their account and any incurred charges. For instance, a cloud-based video streaming service may charge customers a surcharge fee for choosing to stream high-definition movies rather than standard definition movies. 

Surcharges may be assessed as a flat fee or as a percentage of an invoiced amount. In addition, surcharges may be applied directly to an account, or be purchased as part of a plan. You may apply surcharges to all plans and services for an account, as well as to specific plans and services, including but not limited to:

  • Recurring services
  • One-time services
  • Usage-based services



Surcharge Best Practices

Create New Surcharge Screen

Create a Surcharge

Assign a Surcharge

Attach a Surcharge to a Plan

Edit a Surcharge

Remove an Assigned Surcharge

Remove a Surcharge from a Plan

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