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A refund is the return of money that was previously paid by a customer. Refunds are issued to the original payment method used by a customer. To issue a refund, you need to complete two steps:

  1. Refund a payment - This will increase the customer's balance by the amount of the reversed payment.
  2. Optionally reverse (void) one or more invoice line items. This will decrease the customer's balance by the amount of the reversed line item(s). If you do not void invoice line items after issuing a refund, then the customer will still have an outstanding balance equal to the refund amount.

If the payment being refunded was collected by Aria electronically via a payment gateway, then the same payment gateway used to process the original payment is sent a request by Aria to refund the original payment method. The amount of the refund cannot exceed the original payment amount minus any amounts previously refunded for that payment.

Refund Prerequisites

You can issue a refund of a payment only if all of the following are true:

  • The full amount of the payment has not already been refunded.
  • The payment is recorded in Aria as a result of either being manually recorded by a user in Aria (i.e. for a check mailed by a customer) or being collected electronically by Aria.
  • For electronic payments methods, the original payment date falls within an allowable timeframe for refundability as determined by the payment gateway.
  • By default, Aria will allow you to issue refunds no less than two days and no more than 60 days after the original payment.

Note: You can contact Aria Systems Customer Support if your payment gateway allows refunds outside of Aria's default time frames.

Refund Deadlines

If you missed the deadline for issuing a refund, you can return money to a customer by issuing a cash credit or a service credit depending on your business needs. In such a situation, you should not void any invoice line items because then you would not be able to associate an invoice with a payment that was made.

Aria will submit refund requests to the applicable payment gateway. The applicable payment gateway and issuing bank will process the refund of money to the customer's credit card or bank account.

Note: Refunds to electronic payments methods may not be reflected in the customer's balance (credit card or bank account) for several days, depending on the rules of the payment gateway and issuing bank.


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