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Paymentech Account Updater


Paymentech Account Updater is available in North America for Visa and MasterCard transactions.

If you are subscribed to the Paymentech Account Updater, Aria sends your account's credit card information to Paymentech to check for updated credit card information before invoicing an account. After applying any changes to the system, Aria then invoices the account.

Payment processors provide reports detailing which accounts/cards were updated. Aria currently provides a report specific to Chase Paymentech's version of Account Updater called Chase Account Updater. You can run or schedule the Chase Account Updater report by navigating to Analytics and Reporting > Reports > Run Reports > Standard > Chase Account Updater.

Note: The Chase Account Updater option is only listed under Standard Reports if you have the Chase Paymentech Account Updater enabled.

Paymentech Process

Chase Account Updater sends cardholder data to Visa and Mastercard for validation, then updates your customer profile with new credit card numbers, new expiration dates, canceled cards, and other information that can change.

Chase Account Updater works even when the data is securely encrypted, ensuring the protection of sensitive customer account data and reducing the frequency of declined transactions.

The Chase Account Updater batch job runs daily to verify account information for those accounts that will be invoiced 10 days (by default) from the current date.

The following diagram shows how Paymentech processing works within the Aria System.

paymentech final.png


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