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ACH Payment Collections


Once the appropriate payment gateways have been set up, your customers can make payments using the payment methods that you add. As with any payment method, when setting up an ACH (i.e. electronic check), it is critical to ensure that the payment method was set up successfully.

ACH aria6v3.png

ACH Success/Fail Responses

Once the information for the ACH payment method is submitted, Aria checks against the database to see if the routing number (i.e. ABA number) exists.

Successful Response

If the ABA number exists, the system processes the payment method, as shown below, and the payment processor sends the payment(s) to the bank.

ABA2 v3.png

Failed Response

If the ABA number does not exist, the process fails and nothing is sent to the bank. An error message displays at the top of the screen, as shown below.

ABA 1 v3.png

Real Time Funds Check

It is important to note that the ACH network does not support a real-time funds check. This means that if there are not sufficient funds in the account, but the ABA number supplied exists, the payment still processes as successful.  

Your payment processor may offer an add-on service to check fund availability.

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