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Change Notification Settings


Notification settings determine how Aria processes email notifications that are sent to customers. This article provides instructions for enabling or changing a notification setting.

Credit Card Expiration Notifications

Currently, there is no flexibility to configure the amount of time before a notification is sent to indicate a credit card expiry date.

However, since notifications are handled as a batch job, it is possible that Aria's Customer Support could schedule the credit card expiration notifications to be on a specific day of the month. If you are interested in changing the date of the credit card expiration notifications, please send a service request by submitting a Parature support ticket.

Changing Notification Settings

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Notifications > Notification Settings

  1. Click the desired notification setting.

notification settingsv2.png

  1. Change the Value drop-down, based on your business needs.

notification settings2v2.png

  1. Click Save.


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