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Subscribe to Event Notifications


You can subscribe to event notifications by following the steps below.

Subscribing to Event Notifications

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Notifications > Events

  1. Click the event group that you want to subscribe to.
  2. Select Yes to enable event notifications for the selected event group.
  3. Select each event about which you want to receive a notification.


Click for Virtual Inventory

If you sell virtual inventory, you must select the following events in order for Aria to increase the number of units of a virtual inventory that a customer has when these events have been successfully completed:

  • Account created (in the Accounts Based event group).
  • Order paid event (in the Order Based event group).
  • Invoice fully paid (in the Financial Transactions event group).

If you have statements generated for your customers as XML documents, you must subscribe to the Account Message Type "XML Statement" Requires Sending event (in the Account Notifications group) to retrieve the corresponding statement numbers. Please see the Transaction API documentation for more information about using the get_aria_xml_statement API call to retrieve XML statements.

  1. Click the Step Results tab.

subscribe 2.jpg

  1. Select a Method by which you want to receive event notifications.

Note: The SMTP (email) and HTTP methods are not secure and are therefore not recommended. Secure HTTP is the recommended method.

  1. Specify the Destination for each method. Enter the URL address only. Do not enter a protocol (for example, https://).
     Click for Examples
  • If the Method is Transaction Resource Synch, enter the Server Name provided to you by Aria.
  • If the Method is Transaction Data via Email enter an email address.
  • If the Method is Transaction Data via HTTP or Transaction Data via Secure HTTP, enter a server IP address or URL.
  1. Select Yes for the Status to enable the transmission of event notifications to your specified destination using your specified method.

Note: The Resource Sync method applies only if you sell virtual inventory. This method is available for only the Accounts Based, Order Based, and Financial Transactions event groups.

  1. If you selected an HTTP or a Secure HTTP method:

subscribe 3.jpg

Check the Server Response checkbox, then in the associated field, enter a custom server response message to send to Aria when notifications have been successfully received by your system(s). The default response message is OK.

From the Attempts drop-down, specify the number of times the event notification should be sent to your system(s) if the event notification fails. The maximum number of attempts is 9.

Note: The first attempt is included in the count. If the Attempt value is 3, and the initial attempt fails, up to two more attempts are made.)

If you specified more than one attempt, then enter the Delay in seconds to indicate how long Aria should wait between attempts.

It is recommended that you set the delay to at least 300 seconds. This should allow enough time for Aria to attempt another transmission and for your server to send back a response.

  1. For each additional destination at which you want to receive event notifications, click Add another step, then repeat Steps 9-12 as described above.

You can set up a maximum of five event notification steps. Click Remove this step if you need to delete a step.

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  1. Click Save.

Aria will send notifications about your selected events to the destination(s) that you specified and in the order of the steps that you added. You can drag steps to change the order in which Aria completes each step.

Notifications are sent to all step destinations. You cannot specify unique notifications for each step destination.

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