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Event Notification Best Practices


This article provides best practices that will enhance your event notification workflow, as listed below.

Best Practices

  • It is highly recommended that you subscribe to only events that you need to be informed of. If you subscribe to a large number of events that you don’t require, that may slow down your Aria implementation.
  • If you specified that Aria should make more than one attempt to send an event notification, you should set the delay between attempts to at least 300 seconds. This should allow enough time for Aria to attempt another transmission and for your server to send back a response.
  • The SMTP (email) and HTTP methods are not secure and are therefore not recommended methods for transmitting event notifications.
  • Secure HTTP is the recommended method for transmitting event notifications.
  • You should send your event notification data to only trusted parties. Sending data to third parties may compromise the privacy of your customers’ information.
  • Restrict access to the Event Notification section of Aria to only authorized individuals.

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