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Event Notifications


Event notifications (also known as event driven provisioning) are the means by which Aria interacts with your service delivery system(s), informing you of any creation/modification of accounts based on the events to which you have subscribed. This interaction provides timely and accurate data that allows you to make decisions about providing or discontinuing services to your customers. There are Prerequisites that must be taken prior to enabling or subscribing to event notifications.

You can have Aria send you event notifications in the following formats:

  • Email message (SMTP)
  • XML document (via HTTP or secure HTTP)
  • Name-value pairs (via HTTP or secure HTTP)

In the Aria Configuration, you can specify the events about which you want to receive notifications. You can also specify the email addresses and/or URLs on your network to which event notifications should be sent.

Event Class Categorization

Event Class Number

Event Class



Events associated with the creation and modification of account records and their related data elements.


Events associated with the creation and modification of orders for inventory items.


Events associated with the creation of financial transactions on accounts.


Events associated with the preparation and transmission of email messages to account holders.


Events associated with the monitoring of account usage values, balances, and thresholds.

6 Products Events associated with the Product Catalog.

Event notifications are versioned for each event group. You can use different event notification versioning for different event groups.


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