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Usage High-Water Mark


A High-Water Mark indicator can be set within Aria for usage-based services to indicate that the customer should be charged based on the highest number of incremental units consumed, rather than on total usage.

Setting High-Water Mark

Getting Here:

Click Products > Plans > New button > Services


Click Products > Plans > select a plan > Services

  1. Select, or edit the existing, services that should apply to the plan.

Within the Configure Selected Services section, a High Water Indicator field displays for selected usage-based services.

Arai6 high-water markv2.png

  1. Select Yes from the High Water Indicator field.
  2. Make all other applicable selections for all of the selected services.
  3. Click Save.

High-Water Mark and Real Time Usage Rating

It should be noted that for the usage High-Water Mark logic to work correctly, the Automatically Rate Un-rated Usage Records at Load Time invoice setting must be set to "False." This is the default Aria setting.

To check whether real time usage rating is enabled or not, you can navigate to Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings and select the Automatically Rate Un-rated Usage Records at Load Time client parameter.

The usage High-Water Mark logic only works when usage is rated at time of invoicing because the logic compares all usage records together and only rates the usage record with the highest number of usage units. All other usage records are automatically set to “billable units” equal to “0."

It is also important to keep in mind that, because the usage High-Water Mark rating only works when rating is done at the time of invoicing, if you “preview” an invoice prior to rating, the usage High-Water Mark for rating will not display correctly.

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