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Change a Default Unit Threshold


If you set usage default thresholds, you may want to change one or more of these thresholds. After you have assigned the plan to an account, you can access the thresholds on an account by following the steps below.

Changing a Default Unit Threshold

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Usage tab > Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab.

Note: If you cannot see the Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab, please see the prerequisites within Setting Up Usage Unit Thresholds.

  1. Change the value(s) for the threshold(s) you would like to change.

Checked thresholds are ones that have already been set (in the example below Account Notice PTD Threshold and Client Notice PTD Threshold).

change default v2.png

Note: You may also set any other thresholds at this time by clicking the checkbox next to the threshold you would like to set and entering values in the fields that populate.

  1. Click Save.
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