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View Usage

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You can view the amount of usage for which a customer was billed during a particular time period. In addition, you can:

  • Track the currency amounts of your customers' unbilled usage balances, including retrieving only discarded usage.
  • Send your customers emails when their unbilled usage balances reach, exceed, or go below thresholds that you specified.
  • Send your customers email messages when their unbilled usage balances reach, exceed, or go below their unapplied service credit balances.
  • Provide discounts to customers who subscribe to usage-based services by using usage accumulation or usage pooling. 

Viewing Usage

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Usage

  1. Click the calendar icon to select the date range of usage history you wish to view.
  2. Select the Usage Type you want to view.

A usage type is a category of a usage or volume-based service available for an account holder to consume. Common examples of usage-based services include mobile phone data plans and internet service provider bandwidth.

  1. Check the Retrieve discarded usage only checkbox to search only discarded usage.
  2. Click Retrieve Usage.

retrieve usage no checkv2.png

The usage history for your specified values displays.

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