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Turn on Usage Pooling at the Account Level


You can provide discounts to customers who subscribe to usage-based services by utilizing usage pooling. Before you can set up usage pooling for a customer, you must enable usage pooling in your configuration. Once a customer has been billed for usage on a plan, you cannot enable or disable usage pooling for that plan.

Turning on Usage Pooling at the Account Level

When a mid-period plan change is made, the plan that is being added to an account is put into an Active Pending status until the designated date (Next Anniversary Bill Date or Future Date). You can  specify usage pool and threshold information on active and queued plans to accommodate a mid-period plan change.

Turning on Usage Pooling at the Account Level

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > click Plans & Services > Usage Pooling

For each plan, you can do the following:

  1. Select a Usage Pooling value from the drop-down list:

  • Enabled: Usage pooling applies to this plan.
  • Disabled: Usage pooling does not apply to this plan.
  1. Select a Unit-Based Usage Thresholds value from the drop-down list:
  • Set at the usage pool level: Thresholds are set based on usage pool.
  • Set individually by usage type: Thresholds are set by usage type.


  1. Click Save. A success message displays.
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