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Enable Usage Accumulation


You can decide whether or not usage accumulation should be enabled for a given account/plan assignment. Usage Accumulation is the ability for an account to accumulate usage over a specified period of time for plans which have usage-based services. The plan will continue to be billed according to the usage billing interval, but Usage Accumulation will be factored in at time of rating.

Enabling the Allow Usage Accumulation setting will not automatically turn on Usage Accumulation for any accounts, but will allow it to be turned on for individual account/plan assignments. To turn on usage accumulation at the account level, you must first enable the usage accumulation setting by following the steps below.

Enabling Usage Accumulation

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings

  1. Click Allow Usage Accumulation.
  2. Select True.

usage accumulationv3.png

  1. Click Save.
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