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Ron's Current API Calls

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Aria Crescendo

create_acct_complete_m for (DEV-8730)

update_acct_complete_m for (DEV-8730)

update_acct_plan_multi_m for (DEV-8730)

replace_acct_plan_m for (DEV-8730)

assign_acct_plan_m for (DEV-8730)

update_acct_plan_m for (DEV-8730)

get_acct_plans_all_m for (DEV-8730)

get_acct_plans_m for (DEV-8730)


create_acct_complete for (DEV-8730)

create_acct_hierarchy for (DEV-8730)

update_acct_complete for (DEV-8730)

get_acct_plans_all for (DEV-8730)

get_acct_plans for (DEV-8730)


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