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Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS) - Product Management


The Product Management component of AMPS provides functionality to cache products as they are mastered in Aria "Core" and heavily used throughout the AMPS solution. Product Management provides the following major capabilities:

  • Caching - all products defined in Aria "Core" are transferred to AMPS using events and then stored in AMPS. This will allow services throughout AMPS to use the cache rather than calling an API in Aria every time. 

Note: For more information on Product Management capabilities, see "Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS) - Conceptual Product Model and Capabilities".


Product Management

The Product Management component consists of the services, reports and sub-flows shown in the below diagram.

Each of the services, reports, and processes in support of this functionality is described below:

Capture Product Events [ProdCaptureEvents]

"Capture Product Events" is an event service that receives details on updates on plans, rate schedules, translations and other product information. Based on the event retrieved the product information in the solution database is updated. The database is used as a performance optimization solution. 

Update Products [ProdUpdateProducts]

"Update Products" is a sub-flow that is called from other services to update all or specific products in the solution database. 

Get Products [ProdGetProducts]

"Get Products" is a sub-flow used to retrieve details on one or more products, based on for example title code and / or plan ID. All details on the relevant plans and services are returned to the caller. 

Reload Products [ProdReloadProducts]

"Reload Products" is a batch process run when the workflow server is started. The process initiates the reload of all existing products into the solution database. 

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