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Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS) - Bundle Management


The Bundle Management component of AMPS provides functionality to handle product bundles, where the customer can choose to purchase the bundle when eligible instead of purchasing individual products, thereby saving some money. Bundle Management provides the following major capabilities:

  • Bundles - a bundle is defined as being a replacement product when the customer has purchased a configurable number of subscriptions for a certain value. The bundle will in turn provide the customer with access to multiple products rather than the single product originally selected. If the customer cancels a subscription that is part of the bundle, the customer runs the risk of being removed from the bundle offering.

Bundle Management

The Bundle Management component consists of the services, reports, and sub-flows shown in the below diagram.

Each of the services and sub-flows in support of this functionality is described below:

Manage Bundle Detail [BndlManageBndlDetail]

"Manage Bundle Detail" is a service used to add, modify or remove bundle details from the solution. 

Retrieve Bundle Detail [BndlRetrieveBndlDetail]

"Retrieve Bundle Detail" is a service used to retrieve a specific bundle, or all bundle details currently registered in the system. 

Manage Bundle Selection [BndlManageBndlSelection]

"Manage Bundle Selection" is a service used to add, modify or remove bundle selection rules from the solution. The selection rules define the sequence in which the check for bundles are performed. 

Retrieve Bundle Selection [BndlRetrieveBndlSelection]

"Retrieve Bundle Selection" is a service used to retrieve all bundle selection rules currently registered in the system. 

Check Bundle Eligibility [BndlCheckBundleEligibility]

"Check Bundle Eligibility" is a sub flow used, when returning eligible offerings, to check whether the current offerings are eligible for bundles. Whether the bundle applies depends on the bundle detail as well as what the customer has already purchased. 

Bundle Checker [BndlBundleChecker]

"Bundle Checker" is a service that receives events whenever a subscription has removed, cancelled, terminated or otherwise changed. When the event is received the service checks to see if the subscription changed was part of a bundle. If it was, the bundle is checked to see if the customer is still eligible for the bundle. If he is, nothing is changed. If he is no longer eligible then the bundle plan instance is cancelled, and the reference from all plan instances to the bundle instance is removed. 

Find Bundle Plan [BndlFindBundlePlan]

"Find Bundle Plan" is a sub-flow used to mark the subscriptions that are about to be included in a bundle, provided the customer purchases the subscription offered. This update is required to quickly create a reference between the bundle plan instance and the plan instances that make up the bundle foundation.

Note: See "Interface and Integration Definitions for Bundle Management" for the API methods used for Bundle Management when integrating with AMPS.


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