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Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS) - Access Management


The Access Management component of AMPS provides functionality to push changes to a customer's subscriptions to an external system that provides access to the actual services, for example allowing the customer to read news articles online. External systems can also request the current set of credentials for a given customer.

Access Management

Access Management provides the following major capabilities:

  • Transfer of subscription details – the AMPS solution pushes all changes to subscriber’s subscriptions to the external access control system. Changes include, but are not limited to, adding a digital subscription, cancelling a digital subscription, suspending a digital subscription, etc. 
  • Requesting subscription details – the AMPS solution also supports external systems retrieving the details on current subscriptions.

 Other functionality may be added in the future as requirements change.

The Access Management component consists of the services and sub-flows shown in the below diagram.

The services and sub-flows are described below:

  • Access List Distributor – a service that processes relevant Aria events and prepares the access control information for the external system. This service provides the general access control information. 
  • Access Control Integration - XXXX – a sub-flow that is invoked from the Access List Distributor service when access control details need to be sent to the external access control system (here denoted as XXXX). Sub flows will be added as new integrations are put in place. 
  • Retrieve Access List – a service that receives a JSON message and returns the current access details for a given account. Returns basically the same information as the Access Control Integration processes pushed to an external system. 

Note: See "Interface and Integration Definitions for Access Management" for the API methods used for Access Management when integrating with AMPS.


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