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Notifications and Credit Card Expiries


The notifications batch job monitors credit card expiration dates and sends notices in advance of expirations.

How Many Days Before a Credit Card Expiry Date are Notifications Sent?

The notifications batch job is scheduled to run on the 1st and 15th of each month and it looks at the current billing information for accounts with the following:

  • A form of payment of "credit card."
  • A credit card expiry month and year that is equal to the current month and year.

For example, on 4/1/2015, the system sends a notice for all credit cards with an expiration date of 04/2015. If a card is not updated by the 15th, a second notice is sent to the end user.

Does the System Keep Sending Notifications After the Expiry of a Credit Card?

No, the system does not keep sending notifications even after the expiry of a credit card.

Likewise, the system would not automatically set an account to an inactive status once a credit card expiry has been reached.

The system does not take action if the credit card is not updated. If the credit card is not updated and a recurring invoice goes past due, then the account would move into dunning, assuming that dunning is configured.

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