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Aria Introduces Generic Taxation v3.0 (DEV-10556)

​Aria has introduced the new tax version 3.0 for generic taxation, which will send the MasterPlanInstanceNo and ServiceTypeCd parameters for each line in the generic tax module only when the Generic Tx version is configured as 3.0. Clients can use this ServiceTypeCd to determine the Surcharge line in the invoice and use the MasterPlanInstanceNo to get the destination contact for taxation (for A6, the MasterPlanInstanceNo xml tag will not be sent).

Below is a list of ServiceTypeCd values sent in the invoice line to the Tax endpoint:
SC - Surcharge
RC - Recurring
TX - Tax
RA - Recurring Arrears
US - Usage
AC - Activation
MS - Miscellaneous
CN - Cancellation
OR - Order Based
MN - Minimum Fee

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