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AC-Additional Fraud Protection Options Available

Additional Fraud Protection Options Available (DEV-8818)

  1. You can now apply the fraud settings from the payment gateway or collection group level when you use APIs to perform fraud filtering and/or fraud scoring. To do so, pass -1 into any of the following fields in the validate_acct_fraud_scoring_m API or the APIs listed under number 2 below:
  • fraud_filtering_enabled
  • change_status_on_fraud_filtering_failure
  • change_status_on_fraud_filtering_review
  • fraud_scoring_enabled
  • change_status_on_fraud_scoring_failure
  • change_status_on_fraud_scoring_review

Note: This feature is available only in APIs and not in a Direct Post configuration.


  1. You can now specify fraud filtering options by passing key-value pairs into the fraud_control_fields array as described in the documentation for the following APIs:

Note: Fraud protection features are available to you if your payment gateway supports them.  

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