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AB-New Payment Methods and Payment Features Available when Using WorldPay (DEV-8575)

New Payment Methods and Payment Features Available when Using WorldPay (DEV-8575) 

If you use WorldPay as your payment gateway, you now have access to the features described in the table below. Contact your WorldPay representative for more setup information and additional documentation.

Feature Description Instructions
New payment methods

You can now accept the following payment methods:

  • ApplePay—Indirect; 
  • PayPal Express Checkout—Indirect; 
  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit (listed as “Direct Debit” in Aria);
  • Tokenized credit card.  

The API calls required to accept ApplePay and PayPal Express Checkout are identified in the API Features section below (DEV-8575).

To see the list of new payment methods, in Aria:

  • Click Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateways > WorldPay > Accepted Payment Methods.

To accept payments from customers using SEPA Direct Debit, you must first specify your merchant number, which you can obtain from your WorldPay representative. You can specify only one merchant number at the payment gateway level and create multiple collection groups with different merchant numbers based on your requirements. Specify your merchant number(s) as described below:

Payment Gateway Setting

  1. Click Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateways > WorldPay.
  2. Enter your Merchant Number.
  3. Complete the remaining information based on your requirements.
  4. Click Save.

Collection Group Setting

Do either of the following:

  1. Click Configuration > Payments > Collection Groups > New.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. From the Payment Processor list, select WorldPay.


  1. Click Configuration > Payments > Collection Groups.
  2. Click on a collection group for WorldPay.
  3. Click Processor Details.
  4. Enter your Merchant Number.
  5. Click Save.

Your specified merchant number will be used for accounts in the collection group.

Note: Because of a limitation associated with SEPA Direct Debit, Aria does not recommend using authorize and capture in the same API call for payments made using that payment method. Instead, you should first make an authorize API call, confirm that the order has been moved into the authorized status, then attempt to make a capture API call). This will ensure a payment is authorized before the payment is captured and the account balance is reduced.
$0/$1 authorization

Allows you to perform $0/$1 authorizations to check the validity of a credit card before processing a payment

Note: If you are using Direct Post and you are running a $0 authorization, then Aria will skip any steps in your configuration that involve fraud scoring, fraud filtering, or 3D Secure authorization.
Contact your WorldPay representative to enable this feature.
Provides you with immediate updates about changes to the status of payments. You can then take your chosen action on an order such as fulfilling the order or providing the account holder with the order status.

To see the status of a payment that was just made by an account holder, in Aria:

  1. Find the account holder.
  2. Under Accounts > Account “XYZ”, click Payments & Credits.

The current payment status is displayed in the Status column.

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